TRX ROCKER - the standard in foam rolling

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Introducing the TRX ROCKER®

A new standard in foam rolling, the TRX Rocker® is the only tool that promotes rocking, a highly effective technique for achieving hyper-focused muscle release.


Rocking out your quads will limit any knee strain and allow you to get deeper in your squat. Here we show you three different levels of intensity plus a bonus technique to help with “runner’s knee”.


Tightness in the neck is extremely common due to sedentary lifestyles or even just looking down at our phones throughout the day. Check out these three different ways to Rock out your neck.

TRX ROCKER® | Hips & Glutes

Here we show you how to use the stability of the Rocker to gain mobility in the hips and glutes. Focusing on these areas will allow you to move and feel better in your everyday life.

TRX ROCKER® | Hamstrings

The hamstrings are important muscles that are constantly in use, therefore extremely prone to tightness. We are going to show you how to Rock your way up the hamstring to increase blood flow and muscle release.

TRX ROCKER® | Calves & Ankles

Rocking out the calf and ankle area will help with overall health of the lower extremities plus assist in things like running performance and even getting deeper in your squat.