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What do Liverpool FC, US soccer star Heather Mitts and the German National team all have in common? They all turn to TRX Training as a full spectrum solution. From prehab to rehab to strength and conditioning, TRX Training enhances on-pitch performance.

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Why They Use TRX?

Improved Performance
TRX Training develops the essential core strength and explosive power you need to keep playing strong deep into the second half. You use unique functional movements to increase your mobility and flexibility and improve soccer specific movements while avoiding the risk of on-pitch injuries. 

Scalable for All Ability Levels
TRX Training is scalable for all levels of fitness. That’s why everyone from top pros to your local rec team is using it. See measurable improvements in your fitness and durability, which will translate directly to playing and feeling better. Make your games stronger and your training more efficient with TRX.

Portable Training
TRX Training systems are lightweight, portable and easily anchor to squat racks, pull-up bars, goal posts or sturdy doors. The portability of TRX Training systems also allows you to keep your training consistent while you are on the road, at work or at home. The entire team can get the same workout no matter where they go.


  • Increase core strength and durability
  • Improve flexibility and mobility 
  • Build explosive power
  • Maximize your training anywhere

Who's Using TRX

Liverpool FC

Manchester City FC

AC Milan


Santos FC

German National Team

USA National Players:

Heather O’Reilly

Heather Mitts

Lauren Cheney


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