Professional Education

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to bring a TRX Suspension Trainer or Rip Trainer to the course?
    • No. TRX Suspension Trainers and/or Rip Trainers are provided for the course. Attendees should bring a pen, water bottle, towel, extra shirt, lunch, and snacks.

  • Will I be certified by TRX after I complete the course?
    • At the end of our Level 1 TRX Education courses (STC, FTC, RTC, GTC, & SMSTC), you will receive a Qualification from TRX, which recognizes your ability to apply the knowledge and newly learned skills into your role as a fitness professional.

      TRX’s courses are not accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), however your Qualification is recognized by Fitness Anywhere, LLC, and continuing education credits can be applied to your certification. You will be listed and recognized as a TRX Qualified Trainer in the TRX Directory.

      TRX is now offering its very first TRX Certification Course (recognized by Fitness Anywhere, LLC). For more information on this course, please visit TRX Advanced Training Course (AGTC)

  • Can I earn Continuing Education Credits from TRX Professional Education Courses?
    • Yes. Fitness professionals can earn CECs with the completion of a TRX Professional Education Course from the following organizations (list varies from course to course):

      • ACE (ACSM accepts ACE CECs)

      • AFAA

      • AFLCA (Canada)

      • BCRPA (Canada)

      • CAN FIT PRO

      • Fitness Australia

      • HCOA (Puerto Rico)

      • ISSA

      • IYCA

      • NASM

      • NATA (BOC)

      • NESTA

      • Physical Activity (Australia)

      • PTA Global

      • REPS (New Zealand)

      • REPS – SkillsActive (United Kingdom)

      • REPSSA (South Africa)


      Please check the course page for specifics on the number of CECs each organization provides for completion of each TRX Professional Education Course.

  • How do I receive my Course Qualification (Certificate of Completion) and Continuing Education Credits (CECs)?
    • The week after completing a TRX® Professional Education Course, you will receive an electronic version of your TRX Qualification, which can be printed for your records and redeemed for CECs. All CEC information, including the provider number and amount of credits earned, can be found at the bottom of your qualification.

  • What are the differences between TRX’s Professional Education Courses?
    • TRX Education is a movement-based training curriculum that provides fitness professionals with a progressive approach to learning our system of Foundational Movement Coaching. Our courses progress from practicing Foundational Movement standards with the TRX Suspension Trainer, to developing your skills and integrating multiple training tools with individuals and/or groups. We’ve designed a progressive journey, with a suggested course path, to help you learn and grow in your career as a fitness professional. However, you are also encouraged to carve your own path to tailor to your needs.

      Suspension Training Course: This course serves as the cornerstone of TRX education and teaches the fundamentals of Suspension Training with a library of over 40 exercises. Learn how to properly perform Suspension Training and body weight exercises and how to modify, unload or add intensity to scale moves for all fitness levels.

      Functional Training Course: Master foundational movements on the Suspension Trainer and begin to apply these learnings on up to seven different modalities. Learn how to lead multiple circuit-based workouts for personal training, small group or large group training.

      Group Suspension Training Course: Optimized for Group Instructors with two 30 min- workouts, group cueing tips, common faults, and tips to get your group program started in your space.

      Group Training Course: Master the intricacies of TRX group training and deliver the TRX experience that will best suit your clients and members. Whether you are looking for a fundamental, strength-based TRX workout (Strong), a high-intensity challenge (Fit), or a yoga, Pilates fusion experience (Flow), this course has you covered.


      Rip Training Course: Optimized for Personal Trainers with a library of exercises with progressions and regressions, cueing tips, and program design for different client types.


      Suspension Training Basics (Digital Course): This on-line, digital course goes over the basics of training with a TRX Suspension Trainer. It includes 1 hour of video content, hands-on practice and a quiz. 

      Advanced Group Training Course: In this two-day course, be among the first to get TRX Certified with the TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC), the pinnacle of your TRX Education Journey. Through the application of TRX’s Group Coaching System, you will master your coaching techniques and learn how to effectively program and deliver elite, customizable TRX Group workouts.


      To see a specific course agenda, go to that course’s page here

  • How do I get in the TRX Directory?
    • All TRX Directory FAQs can be found here.


  • Are there special product discounts for course attendees?
    • Yes. Course attendees receive a coupon at the course good for $100 off future live TRX Education courses (offer expires 7 days from the course). Attendees can also receive discounts on TRX gear and products by contacting our sales team- sales@trxtraining.com or (888) 878-5348 to inquire about a discount. 

      Course Attendees from the AGTC will receive a coupon at the course good for $200 off future live TRX Education courses (offer expires 7 days from the course).



  • How do I host a TRX Professional Education Course?
    • In order to host a course, a facility must fulfill the requirements found here.


  • How much is the course and what is included?
    • Our eight-hour, live level 1 TRX Professional Education Courses are $295USD or £159. All courses include:

      • Expert instruction and hands-on practice
      • Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
      • A TRX Qualification
      • A digital course manual
      • An invitation to join the TRX Directory


      Our 2-day, TRX Advanced Group Training Course are $845USD (not currently offered in UK). Course includes:

      • Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
      • A TRX Certification*
      • 18 unique training sessions that have been carefully structured to progress over four, six, or eight weeks, depending on the schedule you choose
      • A digital course manual
      • An invitation to join the TRX Directory


      *Online certification exam to gain status (80% pass score required)


  • Do you offer TRX Professional Education Courses Internationally?
    • Yes. We have many International Education Distributors who have TRX-approved Course Instructors and Course Materials to deliver the same best-in-class education worldwide. To find an International course, contact the local TRX Distributor so that they can direct you to a list of upcoming courses.


  • How do I become a TRX Master Instructor/TRX Professional Education Course Instructor?

      TRX has an extensive instructor development process to uphold the quality of our education. The first step is to fill out an instructor application form (resume’s will not be accepted). The applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

      • Has attended a one-day, 8-hour TRX Professional Education Course

      • Proven leader in the fitness industry (conference presenting, published articles, DVD titles)

      • Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology or related field. For the SMSTC, licensed healthcare practitioner or Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology or related field and experience in a clinical or post-rehab environment

      • Current National Certification (s) (e.g., ACE, NASM, NSCA etc.)

      • 2-3 years of presentation experience

      • 6-8 years experience in one or more of the following areas: fitness presentation, physical therapy, strength & conditioning coaching, group fitness or personal training.


      Contact us at education@trxtraining.com to receive an instructor application to submit for consideration. These applications will be ranked by presentation and industry experience, as well as TRX knowledge, and company need.


  • What if I can’t find a course in my area?
    • If you do not see a course in your state, check nearby states and continue to check the TRX website, or consider hosting a course at your facility. Feel free to add your location requests here


  • Can I attend TRX courses if I’m not a fitness or healthcare professional?
    • Yes. The courses are designed to teach all attendees how to effectively train themselves and others on the TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX Rip Trainer and other functional training modalities. Although the additional knowledge is beneficial, the TRX courses are not limited to a specific profession. We've designed a progressive journey, with suggested course path, to help you learn and grow in your career as a fitness professional. However, you are also encouraged to carve your own path to tailor your needs.


  • Are there any pre-requisites before taking a TRX Education course?
    • There are no pre-requisites for taking any of our Level 1 TRX Education courses (STC, FTC, RTC, GTC, & SMSTC). However, we designed a progressive journey, with a suggested course path. However, we designed a progressive journey, with a suggested course path. We strongly encourage fitness professionals to begin with the TRX Suspension Training Course to build a base knowledge of foundational movements on the TRX Suspension Trainer and to learn our system of Foundational Movement Coaching.

      For our TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC), prerequisites include the Suspension Training Course (STC) – post May 2015, in addition to the Functional Training Course (FTC) and/or the Group Training Course (GTC). 


  • What is your Professional Education Course cancellation and refund policy?
    • Course registration fees are non-refundable. However, if for any reason TRX cancels the course, registrants will have the option to receive a full refund. TRX is not responsible for travel expenses or travel reimbursement. Requests to change registration from one course to another must be made at least 14 days before the course date to TRX by e-mail at education@trxtraining.com. Requests made later than that are subject to a $100 rescheduling fee. Registrants may assign their course slot to another student for a $50 change fee. The Advanced Group Training course is subject to a $200 rescheduling and $100 change fee. 


  • How will I receive my Digital Manual?
    • Once you sign up for a TRX Education Course, you will receive a confirmation email with a token code to redeem your Digital Manual via your MyLocker account.

      Once you redeem your token, you can find your manual in the TRX Content section of My Locker. 


  • Do I have to create a MyLocker account in order to redeem my Digital Manual?
    • Yes. You’re Digital Manual will live in your MyLocker account; from there it is recommended you download your Digital Manual to your electronic device prior to arriving to your course. Your digital manual can be downloaded and saved onto your electronic devices for future use.


  • Will I also receive a hard copy manual at the course?
    • Level 1 TRX Education courses (STC, FTC, RTC, GTC, & SMSTC) between Aug. 15th - Oct. 1st 2015 will receive BOTH a hard and digital copy of the manual. Those courses AFTER Oct. 1st 2015 will receive a digital copy ONLY.

      For our TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC) participants will receive a digital Pre-Work Guide and a hard copy AGTC Manual at the course.


  • What If I want a hard copy manual? Can I purchase a hard copy manual separately?
    • Unfortunately, we don’t sell a hard copy separately. However, should you want a hard copy to take notes on, it is advisable to print your manual ahead of time and/or bring a notebook to the course.


  • What format do the Digital Manuals come in and what devices are compatible?
    • Digital Manuals are in a PDF format so any laptop, mobile device, and tablet that supports PDF files are compatible with our Digital Manuals. It is recommended, but not necessary, that you download and view using “Adobe Acrobat” (computer) and “PDF Max” App (mobile/tablet).


  • Can I take notes on my Digital Manual?
    • TRX’s Digital Manuals have editable text fields to take notes on via your electronic devices. It is recommended, but not necessary, that you download and view using “Adobe Acrobat” (computer) and “PDF Max” App (mobile/tablet).

      **Note: Not all PDF viewers allow editable text fields.