Carrie Sattler - General Manager, Yakima Athletic Club/YAC Fitness
"The TRX TEAM program as part of the TRX R4 solution has brought a whole new dimension to our clubs. It offered even more value than we expected with fully supported training, programming and marketing support. I would recommend any Personal Training department or club to look into the TRX R4 solution as it will add more to a facility, than any other training program. Overall, the bar has been raised at our company and we are thrilled with the program."
Bud Rockhill, CEO - Spectrum Athletic Clubs
“TRX R4 has provided us with complete and customized support to launch and maintain successful programs that attract members in our clubs who have traditionally avoided group fitness classes and created an additional revenue stream.”
Michael P., Club Member & TRX TEAM Participant - Spectrum Athletic Club
“TRX Team has made me more flexible, and has helped me to strengthen my core to relieve pressure and pain. It has helped me to raise my game in playing sports.”
David Patchell-Evans, Owner & Founder - GoodLife Fitness
“The TRX TEAM program provided even more value than we expected, with fully supported training, programming and marketing support. I would recommend every club to look into TRX TEAM as it will add more to a facility than any other training program."
Eric Giroux, Fitness Director - Rio Sport and Health
“TRX TEAM was one of the best educational investments my trainers have ever made. Over the course of the three days of education, I watched great trainers become great group instructors. We were able to create a program that has generated 20k in extra revenue over the course of six months."
Member & TRX TEAM Participant - Pioneer Employee Health Club
“I like the team effort [of TRX TEAM] and that it was a commitment to get there. We all got to know each other a little better and helped support each other. It definitely challenged my level of strength and fitness."
Carrie Sattler, General Manager - Yakima Athletic Club and YAC Fitness
“The comprehensive training of the TRX TEAM Training Program really sets it apart from any other program or education out there currently. Our trainers that went through this training program have significantly grown and are better trainers as a result.”
Training Staff Member - Pioneer Health Club
“The techniques the trainers learned in comprehensive training can be applied not only to TRX Training but also other programs, making them better trainers.”