Darren Burgess, Head of Fitness & Conditioning - Liverpool
“a unique device which enables players to train pretty much any movement. For a multi-directional sport like football, in which agility, speed and power in all directions is crucial, TRX allows us to simulate what’s going on in the game, in the gym.”
Kyle Thorne, Strength & Conditioning Coach - NFL
“The TRX is my favorite ‘utility player’ in the equipment bullpen. Your imagination is the only limitation on the possibilities with TRX. It saves space and provides incomparable return on investment. It’s a no brainer that everyone should add TRX to their programming.”
Mike Morrison - Professional Volleyball Player & Personal Trainer
“As a certified fitness and beach volleyball professional TRX suspension training has really allowed me to maximize my training time on and off the court. The TRX attaches perfectly to volleyball court poles and allows me to integrate more quality fitness training into my beach training several days per week. It’s also perfect for when I am on the road for weeks at a time and need to stay on top of my fitness. The TRX’s versatility is truly amazing.”
Linsey Corbin - Professional Triathlete
“TRX has taken my functional strength, core stability, and overall muscle health to a new level. It is part of my daily routine that also keeps me injury free. It’s great to take it on the road with me, as well as do it at home or at the gym. Ironman is so much more than swim, bike, run - I can’t imagine training without TRX.”
Jessica Paul, Junior League Program Coordinator - United States Tennis Association
“All of the kids have been very excited to learn TRX exercises they can do on-court to improve their tennis game. USTA Atlanta looks forward to having TRX at many more events, so we can continue to expose our players to this awesome exercise tool!”
Tyler Stewart - Triathlete
“I, like many other triathletes, have limited time. I am not your typical professional athlete that eats, sleeps, works out and gets massages every day. I have a full time job and business to run, I am married, teach 3 to 4 classes a week and try to have a social life as most of my friends are not athletes. It’s hard, but the point is that I have little time. I have to be very efficient and effective in any training that I do. The TRX is a 3x week 30 min workout for me. It makes it possible for me to be strong, avoid injury and have the lifestyle that I do… I truly believe that 3 times a week for 30 minutes on the TRX will help prevent overuse injuries, create more power/strength that leads to time improvements as well as becoming more aware of your body and how it all works together to move you forward.”
Justin Price - Former Tennis Pro
“I have been using the TRX system with my clients and for my own workouts for over two years. The versatility of the TRX means that I can use the equipment to help rehabilitate a client or create a high performance dynamic workout for an athlete. There are an unlimited number of exercises I can perform with the TRX, and my clients love it!”
Scott Moody, CEO - Training & Research Institute for Athletic Development
“Integrating the TRX into our strength programs has worked out even better than expected. We were looking for a body weight training solutions that would target both mobility and strength in the hip and shoulder. We needed it to challenge our college level soccer and volleyball players, yet still be adaptable to a 10-12 year old with limited control of posture. The wide range of exercises have been perfect for both movement education as well as strength for all our athletes. The system has become the most popular station in our facility. We are looking forward to designing new protocols and furthering our studies with this product as it seems to meet so many of our needs.”
Heather Mitts - Pro Soccer Player & Olympic Gold Medalist
“I fell in love with the TRX the first time I tried it. Its given me so many different options to strengthen and stabilize my core. I prefer working with body weight during the season so the TRX is perfect for travel and home.”
Jamie Moyer, MLB Pitcher - Philadelphia Phillies
“As one of the oldest players in Major League Baseball I find the TRX to be a good addition to my workouts. It helps with my strength and flexibility. It’s a workout I can do with my teenage boys and we can see each other getting better each time. I will definitely use the TRX as part of my conditioning in this my twentieth Major League season.”
Dahntay Jones, Guard - Indiana Pacers
“The TRX is awesome! The TRX is so flexible, you get a different workout every time..helps with me my core, helps me with my overall body composition…helps me stay lean rather than getting bulky..the TRX has been great for me.”
Greg Rose, Founder - Titleist Performance Institute
“This is such a simple idea and one great product. It can be used just like a swiss ball and is easier to travel with than a ball – no pumping required. The TRX System is essential for those who focus on golf-specific functional fitness, stability training, and core development.”
Mike Brady, Owner - Pro Performance Golf Fitness
“My business concentrates strictly on working with the golf community and after seeing the TRX at the Titleist World Golf Fitness Summit, I knew that I could incorporate it with my clients. It’s not often you can find a system that is apparently so simple and affordable yet able to train many complex movement patterns.Typically you see equipment that is very costly and complex that only train very simple movements. I have used the TRX Golf Workout with clients in their teens to those in their 70′s with no hesitation as to its effectiveness or safety and the feedback has been consistently positive. The movements are patterned specific to the golf swing and setup along with the added benefit of a demanding core workout. Add to that the ease of use and setup, and the TRX is the best training value available.”
Hayley Hollander - Recreational Golfer
“I’m a recreational golfer, but just in the few times I’ve done this program, I’ve noticed a difference in the stability of my shoulders in my swing and the power I can create as well. I highly recommend this one!”
Jeff Handler, Personal Trainer - for Pro Golfer Mike Weir
“It amazes me how something so simple can be so effective. I use the TRX system with every client I train. Working with professional golfers I see a lot of time away from our home gym. With the TRX I’m able to give them a great workout at home and on the road. If you are not using TRX you are missing out!”
Greg DiRenzo, CPT - EFitness Academy
“I use the TRX with all my riders, it is a physically challenging and demanding workout. And one of the best things about it is that I can train them anywhere with it. No more situation where we can’t get the gym, with the TRX we always have the gym with us!”
Mark Kovacs, PhD, CSCS - USTA Player Development
“The TRX is a versatile, cost effective training tool that can aid tennis players in the gym as well as when traveling to tournaments.”
Max Mirnyi - ATP #3 Doubles 2011 French Open Champion
“Whether I’m on the road or at home, the TRX allows me to continue with my strength and flexibility routines. I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone!”
Drew Brees, MVP Super Bowl XLIV - New Orleans Saints
“On the road, I use the TRX Suspension Trainer. You can use it anywhere, strap it to a pole or behind the door. It works every part of your body and helps you improve balance, speed, agility, core strength, shoulder and leg strength and power. I train with it every day.”
Tyler Stewart - Ironman Champion
“I have limited time. I have to be very efficient and effective in any training I do. I believe that three times a week for 30 minutes on the TRX Suspension Trainer will help prevent overuse injuries and create more power/strength that leads to time improvements."
Laura Diaz, Professional Athlete - LPGA
“After giving birth to my son, workouts on the TRX helped me get back to the LPGA Tour in just eight weeks. Not only are the workouts intense, which helped me to regain club head speed, the functionality allows me to get great workouts anywhere.”
Steve Hess Strength & Conditioning Coach - Denver Nuggets
“The TRX Suspension Trainer is brilliant! Take it anywhere, it’s great for stretching. There are a thousand ways to use it."
Jens Voight - Team Radio Shack Nissan Trek
“It was quite eye opening, I’m older and conservative and don’t believe in it until I see it but I’m convinced now by the results and my body does actually feel better.”