Scott Moody, CEO - Training & Research Institute for Athletic Development
“Integrating the TRX into our strength programs has worked out even better than expected. We were looking for a body weight training solutions that would target both mobility and strength in the hip and shoulder. We needed it to challenge our college level soccer and volleyball players, yet still be adaptable to a 10-12 year old with limited control of posture. The wide range of exercises have been perfect for both movement education as well as strength for all our athletes. The system has become the most popular station in our facility. We are looking forward to designing new protocols and furthering our studies with this product as it seems to meet so many of our needs.”
Johnny Lewis - AMA Pro Flat Track Racer
“Being a flat track racer, it’s not all about pure strength, its more balance and being able to use your body weight to get the bike to react the way you want it to. The TRX is a great training tool for me as I feel it helps me find my balance and build strength in spots you couldn’t using a different training method.”
Jack Bauerle - MS/ATC/CSCS, Speed Training Centers
"At SPEED Training Centers the TRX has enhanced athletic performance with our athletes through multi-joint and multi-plane body suspended movements. These motions facilitate natural loading, functional movement patterns and continuous core involvement – a powerful combination! The TRX is used by all levels of our fitness, performance and therapy clientele. Those who are resistant to exercise, extremely sedentary or fully advanced are appropriately challenged with the TRX. Our therapy patients benefit from the proprioceptive and kinesthetic responsiveness driven by the unit."
Mike Brady, Owner - Pro Performance Golf Fitness
“My business concentrates strictly on working with the golf community and after seeing the TRX at the Titleist World Golf Fitness Summit, I knew that I could incorporate it with my clients. It’s not often you can find a system that is apparently so simple and affordable yet able to train many complex movement patterns.Typically you see equipment that is very costly and complex that only train very simple movements. I have used the TRX Golf Workout with clients in their teens to those in their 70′s with no hesitation as to its effectiveness or safety and the feedback has been consistently positive. The movements are patterned specific to the golf swing and setup along with the added benefit of a demanding core workout. Add to that the ease of use and setup, and the TRX is the best training value available.”
Charles Dao - Pro Motocross Trainer
“In all my years of training fitness & sports clients, I never thought I would see a piece of equipment so simple yet so effective & efficient. I use the TRX with all of my athletes, both professional and novice- for either rehabilitative purposes or performance enhancement. If you want to step up your game as a motocross rider or action sports athlete, buy a TRX and become the athlete you have always wanted to be!”
Aldon Baker, Trainer - for James Stewart, Nicky Hayden & Jamie McMurray
“In motor sports and specifically motorcycle racing, you have unique strength, balance and co-ordination requirements, and finding the right tools to train these areas has always been challenging. After testing and using the TRX system, I have finally found the right tool. Not only is it easy to set up and take on the road or to any gym, it specifically helps the proprioceptive training needed in this sport, which improves the athletes’ strength, coordination, muscular balance and muscle reaction times.”
Dave Bell, Strength & Conditioning Coach - Bristol Rugby Club
“The most effective and functional piece of equipment I’ve seen for years and very rugby specific.”
Bethany Hamilton - Pro Surfer
“TRX has brought new inspiration to my training. I’ve been able to better balance the strength of both sides of my body. Being able to do exercises with my left side is a huge blessing! I’ve also felt my balance has improved, which is essential for surfing. I feel much stronger and confident in my surfing and daily life.”