John Barman, MPT - Diablo Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine
“Restoring function is the cornerstone of orthopedic/sports medicine rehabilitation. This is accomplished through normalizing the biomechanics of the affected region followed by appropriate muscle reeducation and strength training to allow safe return to activity. The TRX provides a means to functionally train synergistic muscle groups to the affected region, it allows exercises to be performed in physiological movement patterns, and it improves kinesthetic and proprioceptive responsiveness. These principals are instrumental to achieving optimum results in the rehabilitation process. By allowing the patient to maintain complete control over the resistance used with each exercise, the TRX provides a safe yet challenging way to achieve optimum recovery and it has quickly become my favorite piece of equipment.”
Dr. Perry Nickelston - Chiropractic Sports Physician
“The TRX Suspension Trainer is my ‘Secret Weapon’ for recovery and regeneration. By using it to restore mobility and stability to key areas of the body, TRX has become an invaluable tool for our soft tissue functional movement rehabilitation program. Patient’s love it and they all get one for continued home use after therapy. Patient compliance is easy with the TRX because they see and feel results quickly. That’s the name of the game!”
Chris Chorak - Presidio Sport & Medicine
“We use the TRX Suspension Trainer as part of our patients exercise program and post-rehab with our cash-based fitness programming. The TRX allows us to use one piece of equipment across all ages and abilities for rehabilitation, injury prevention and fitness programs.”
Tyler Polumbus, OT - Denver Broncos
“After a few sessions on the TRX, I can already tell a remarkable difference in strength in muscles I am unable to work in my routine at the gym. Not only is it a great substitute when you are unable to hit the gym, but it has become a great addition to my existing program. Most importantly it is helping me to strengthen a weak shoulder in ways traditional exercises have not helped in the past.”
Sue Falsone, PT/SCS/ATC/CSCS - Athletes Performance
“Using the portable TRX® Suspension Trainer™ provides us with a new, cutting-edge way to train our athletes in our facilities or on the road…net effect is that our athletes improve their performance while reducing their risk for injury.”