Chief - Navy SEAL TEAM 1
“It was a life saver over seas where we didn’t have anything but push-ups. I just hung the system from a tree. To me having the capability to work my shoulders and legs was key and I could get in a little cardio in as well if I cut down on rest periods between sets. I dig the system and take it with me anytime I travel whether for work or on my own.”
Terry Rodgers, SSG - Army
“I ordered a TRX almost a year ago while in Iraq. It always traveled with me on convoys and missions as it was quick and easy to set up and I could get a great workout in anywhere or anytime. I rotated from Iraq to Afganistan and my TRX continued on missions with me. Not too long ago we were traveling a one lane road up into the mountains when my vehicle was struck by an IED causing a fire that burned our victor and our equipment. Luckily we escaped with only some minor injuries to my soldiers and myself. Needless to say though my TRX was destroyed in the fire, so that is why I have ordered another one. Thank you guys for all the great support you give to the military personnel serving through out the world.”
MSgt Hart, Bravo Company, 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion, Operations Chief -
“I wish I could outfit every Marine in my unit with a TRX FORCE Trainer as part of their kit bag.”
“[TRX] has the adaptability for use in my FEP program, with my elite sailors and for rehabilitation before, during and after deployment.”
Michael Miranda, CPT, MP 503d MP BN (ABN) - TF Ripcord, FOD Lightning, Afghanistan
“Instead of lifting weight in a single plane, TRX exercises incorporate multiple body parts and multiple planes into a single motion, thus mimicking the way that a soldier uses his/her body in combat and in life. A strong core allows soldiers to maintain their posture with heavy body armor and properly move through the battlefield without straining their backs. The increased balance is absolutely critical, especially in areas of rough terrain such as here in Afghanistan."