Christine Border, Health & Wellness Director - Treasure Valley YMCA
“TRX Training has proven to be a class that is completely different from the any other exercise class. It is exciting and challenging allowing all levels of ability to participate only by changing their angle. It is a great tool for individuals to increase balance along with strength, and core.”
Ivy Anthony, Personal Trainer - Hyde Park YMCA
“My brother, Drew, was psyched to receive his TRX Suspension Trainer and definitely is planning on taking it with him over to Afghanistan. I think the opportunity to workout is often hard to come by…but TRX training provides a workable alternative wherever you are!”
Alwyn Cosgrove, Owner - Results Fitness
“This truly is the future of bodyweight training – and in my opinion may be the future of energy system training. If you are a trainer, own a gym, rent space in a gym, are a martial artist, run a studio, or just train at home or in your garage – this piece of equipment will revolutionize your workout programs.”
Carrie Sattler - General Manager, Yakima Athletic Club/YAC Fitness
"The TRX TEAM program as part of the TRX R4 solution has brought a whole new dimension to our clubs. It offered even more value than we expected with fully supported training, programming and marketing support. I would recommend any Personal Training department or club to look into the TRX R4 solution as it will add more to a facility, than any other training program. Overall, the bar has been raised at our company and we are thrilled with the program."
Michael Neitzke, General Manager - Spectrum Club
“We have incorporated the TRX within several of our Spectrum Club facilities, and our trainers and members love it. I highly recommend the TRX!”
Serah E. Selmon, Health & Fitness Director - Old Colony YMCA, Stoughton, MA
“TRX suspension training initially addressed our needs for a low cost, effective system for all ages and abilities, that would create a niche for us within our surrounding community. Later, we are able to reflect upon the differences this tool has made in the confidence and ability levels of our members, how it has helped produce revenue through personal training and programming, and how it has added value for membership. Our members are able to experience fitness options that provide fun, new opportunity, and allow them to gain control of postural muscles that will ultimately save them from chronic pain due to postural misalignment. Routines can be slowed down, sped up, and progressed, to provide appropriately challenging workouts for all. Fitness Anywhere has consistently adapted, grown, and put out new programming to address the needs of a variety of sports and preferences. We couldn’t be happier!”
Bud Rockhill, CEO - Spectrum Athletic Clubs
“TRX R4 has provided us with complete and customized support to launch and maintain successful programs that attract members in our clubs who have traditionally avoided group fitness classes and created an additional revenue stream.”
Brian Calkins, Owner - Health Style Fitness
“The TRX allows us to train our members’ functionally using their entire body, since that’s the way we are designed to move in life. ”
Donna Cyrus, SVP of Programming - Crunch
“Crunch is known for innovative and unique programming with over the 300 programs currently offered throughout our clubs. We feel that the TRX and Suspension Training is the future of fitness, and that.s why we created the Body Web Class and incorporated the TRX into our facilities. The TRX has a dual purpose within our clubs complimenting both the private training and our group programming.”
Natalie - Beyond Fitness
“The TRX is GREAT! There are so many options on what to do with it, you can virtually get an entire workout on just this one piece of equipment. My clients love it and hate it at the same time because it is so effective. I also enjoy trying new exercises with the TRX and challenging myself.”