Julie Albert - Fitness Enthusiast
If you are considering teaching TRX or just want to add it to your exercise routine to its full potential, I highly suggest taking a TRX Professional Education Course. The class was outstanding. I LOVE the TRX even more than I did before!
Frankie Romeo - Manassas, VA
TRX isn't only a product, but a community. Not only are the tools innovative, but the education is engaging. Too amazing to pass up!
Jo Ann Schaffer - Personal Trainer
I’ve weight trained for 20 years and learned about muscles I have never felt! The TRX system is fantastic for working stability muscles. I truly enjoyed the training course and found it very valuable. Thank you!
Alicia Calaway - Personal Trainer
I feel that incorporating the TRX® training system into my clients workouts can take them to the next level, thus elevating my stock as a fitness professional, not to mention the "cool factor"! That is exactly what I would tell others it could do for them... the course is essential to learn how to use the system effectively. The entire team was great, the course was fun and I got an incredible workout!