Cameron Ray Langley - Shaw AFB Sumter, S.C
The TRX Force Trainer Course was fun, challenging, and informative.
James Berman - Drift Montclair
This course blew my mind. Everything I thought about TRX was wrong and replaced with great info.
Vincent Orbison - Fort Benning
I would defiantly recommend this course to future units to help augment their existing Physical Training programs.
Robert Timothy Moss - USCG – Honolulu
I would recommend this course to all Military, Fire and Law Enforcement personnel because the concepts are easily applicable to functional movements that are performed in our daily operations. The TRX Suspension System also provides scalability which allows personnel of different fitness levels to challenge themselves and improve their personal fitness level and on job performance.
David Burger - Lackland AFB
The TRX is an underutilized tool that people at any level of fitness can benefit from, the instructors are knowledgeable and challenge you while providing a solid base of knowledge to take back to your company/military unit.
Bobby Kyles, Jr - San Antonio
The TRX provides relief to hurting muscles and gives you the opportunity to conduct fitness any and everywhere. The TRX can be use for beginners just joining into fitness or strength training.
Randy Jude Lopez - Aaron Family JCC of Dallas
This course takes what you learn in the STC level one and expands it even more. The content that you will learn will be very useful to taking your clients to the next step.
Catherine Stratton - Sky Athletic Club, Rockville Centre
I feel that I will be a better trainer and group instructor because of this course, not only using the TRX suspension trainer but in all aspects of my training.
Kyle Ciminski - Elite Performance Seattle
If somebody wanted to know how to increase their TRX knowledge and understand the bodies dynamics for more difficulty using the suspension trainer this is the course.