Mark Cheng -
This course has provided me valuable information and education which I can then transfer to new clients and inject into new programs. Overall very educational and inspirational course that is a valuable tool I can use in my professional programs.
Gerry Morrell -
[The GRTC] helped me to put what I have done in the past two years teaching Rip and the new material into a very good class for my students.
Melissa Rishel -
Neither my club owner nor Fitness Manager has any experience with rip training. With some practice I feel confident I can bring Rip Training into our club and bring a whole new level to our group fitness classes!
Joe Wenson -
As someone who has been teaching and instructing others for nearly 22 years and been through numerous programs, the way the material is presented both through hands on inter action by performing the movements and exercises as well as the material in the manual being exactly what is being taught was great. I will now be able to bring a program into my facility that is not only functional for all levels but, effective in its results, and it will put us on the cutting edge of latest training methodology in the industry.
Sarah Fox -
I was looking for a new and exciting group fitness format to program at our club. I loved that there were 2 specific formats that were different but delivered a powerful experience. I think it will be so beneficial in my comfortability as far as letting instructors jump in and teach knowing that there are solid formats they will be teaching.