Yvonne L Landis - Gainesville, VA
When thinking about how to teach to a group, there is a bigger dynamic than just knowing the "moves", it has to be quicker, the wording/cueing must be better, etc. This course really helped you understand and gave you a jump on how to plan a class to meet all those requirements.
Robert Flores - San Francisco, CA
The workshop is very beneficial to learn about the functionality, cueing of exercises and correct way of executing TRX exercises, along with learning how to run two types of TRX group classes that are both challenging and fun.
Amie Meyer - Atlanta, GA
I would recommend this course to fitness professionals, as well as those not in the business. It is important to utilize the equipment the proper way, and to do that training is essential.
Helen L. Gentile - West Chester, PA
I absolutely love the TRX and use it regularly in my own workouts as well incorporating it into client's workouts. Any time I have the opportunity to learn new exercises or see them performed live, as opposed to watching a Youtube, I will jump at the chance!
Cecily Bailey - San Francisco, CA
TRX combines core, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and cardio finely tuning the whole body. Every element can be modified to accommodate physical issues, whether a recovery from surgery, injury etc., to enhance athletic performance, or simply enable a good quality of life. Age is not an issue in TRX. I am a good example - many injuries from sports; both knees blown out, an 8 inch rod at the top of my right femur, I have had several other broken bones and 2 months prior to taking the TRX Group Suspension Certification I broke my left wrist. Modifying the elements to accommodate my issues while still challenge my body was an additional education. Since starting my training, every area of my body that has an issue has become much stronger. As a ballroom, latin, swing and Argentine Tango dancer, I have noticed that my axis is now more grounded - essential wearing the 4' high heels. I am 70 years young. Am I your oldest gal to be certified? I set my bar high and will be a good model. TRX is a win / win lifestyle.
Andrea Mosher - Pittsford, NY
I think TRX is awesome!! This course was organized, well-run, thought provoking and motivating. As a Personal Trainer, I find the use of the TRX an exciting addition to my "bag of tricks". I love the fact that it is so modifiable for people at any exercise level.
Leslie Bodner - Pleasanton, CA
I had a very good experience with the class and would definitely recommend it to others. The course materials were excellent and the support from TRX was solid. I've been to a number of other training courses and found this to be top notch.