Justin Russ -
WOW. TRX CORE is sick!! Floored by the amount of content. Expectations exceeded, and I'm currently sitting here like a child with a new toy. If you've taken one of my courses, you NEED to check this out.
Tony Burtt -
The Core is serious high level material! Learning new things every day....from subtleties in movement to "slap me upside the head why didn't I think of that!" Major ROI.
Kari Woodall -
I wish I'd had this opportunity as a course grad. Well done, TRX!
Marc Coronel -
TRX has helped me understand the movement of our anatomy much better. Now I can share the knowledge!
Sydney James -
My involvement with TRX has changed my physical therapy practice. In TRX courses, I have met and collaborated with other rehabilitation specialists including ATC's, chiropractors, and other PT's, learning much along the way. Not only has TRX become an invaluable tool that allows me to modify movements and positions for clients who may not tolerate typical rehabilitation exercises, but clients choose to work with me based on my knowledge of and relationship with TRX.
Lisa Witzlib -
TRX educations courses have taken my small group programming to the next level by teaching tips for efficiency and more effective training. My clients have a better understanding for training procedures and get better results.
Derek Snowden -
The TRX Directory has helped me get new clients and I’ve used it to connect me with other TRX trainers.
Jiji Pollock - 24 Hour Fitness
[TRX CORE has] been a gem for getting ideas and workouts that I'm planning for 24 Hr Fitness' small group training programs that are TRX Suspension Training and Rip based. It will be exciting to add variety and transverse plane movements that improve a client's overall core being.