Randy Miranda - San Francisco, CA
Exceeded my expectations of what the Rip Trainer is about and what it has to offer. It is definitely NOT just another exercise equipment. It's a great tool to have as a standalone or complement to the TRX Suspension Trainer.
Jon Farrell - Seattle, WA
The Rip Trainer is a vital piece of equipment that is perfect for all clients of any skill level, especially those seeking greater sports conditioning. It is a great class!
Marc Dumont - Manchester, MA
I think the Rip Trainer is particularly relevant and contemporary in the functional fitness domain which is becoming ever more popular and recognized.
Priscilla Moore - Bellevue, WA
TRX Edu is tops! The course was great, applied the ground work for the Rip Trainer the next day. I've been practicing, and working with the user's guide, and I'm well on my way to instructing my clients with the Rip T! Thank You!! Love it!!!
Carlos Alberto Santos Molina - Caracas, Venezuela
The Rip Trainer is a unique tool to exercise transversal plane based movements. It’s a great partner for the Suspension Trainer. Both combined, create a great synergy for any fitness goal. As a martial artist I find the Rip Trainer as one of the best tools for core consciousness and power transmission through the whole kinetic chains involved in attacking and building core strength and endurance.
Ector Ortega - San Francisco, CA
In today’s fast pace, work schedule, many people out there would benefit from the simple application that TRX can supply, there should be NO EXCUSE training with this new toy.