Terry Pike - Long Beach, CA
I would definitely recommend this class to trainers and physical therapists or anyone else that wanted to learn how to use the Suspension Trainer to rehab injuries. I learned things that I will be able to use for anyone I might train or even myself in the future.
Mike Ankney - Miami, FL
This course should be taken for any professional dealing with clients or athletes with injuries or deficiencies. The knowledge gained has helped me formulate training exercises to safely return clients back to normal activities.
Laura Roman - Bayville, NJ
I think this course would be a great addition for any trainer. Many clients coming in today have some sort of orthopedic issue, and if a trainer is lacking in the knowledge of how to approach this it could be detrimental. In reference to the physical therapists in the class, I think it gave them a new way to work with their patients that they would not have come up with on their own.
Katrina Montesanti - San Francisco, CA
Very pertinent for our aging and athletic populations. Developing a thorough understanding of how our bodies move is important to determining how and when to utilize the TRX equipment.
Laura E Bentley - Richmond, VA
The class/manual goes deeper into the TRX exercises, with modifications to regress as well as progress. I can take what I learned in this course and immediately apply it to my current personal training clients, as well as future rehab/post-rehab clients.
Nancy J Hart - Gresham, OR
I learned so much about the TRX options during this course. How to handle people of all abilities, Also how to put them on the TRX and be successful with their exercise routine.
Wynter Lightfoot - Bayville, NJ
Already recommended it to a few co-workers. Definitely worth the time/money spent. The instruction was in-depth, instructor was knowledgeable, and material was excellent. I feel much more complete as a fitness professional.
Heather McGill - San Francisco, CA
As a physical therapist, I think it's important to educate myself on the types of group and individual training tools that are being used both with healthy populations and with patients who are rehabilitating. The course was educational and provided insight to me from both an injury prevention and rehab perspective.
Peggy Thibodaux - Woodlands, TX
It did a very nice job of making trainers think about the exercises they use with their clients based on their needs rather than a cookie cutter approach to fitness with everyone.
Kerry Hays - Eagle, ID
[I] liked how well organized it was and how the pro/regressions for the corrective exercises could also be used for very beginning clients/students.
David L. Smith - PT, Cert. MDT
I was highly pleased with the TRX® course and the Instructor, Dr. Joe Martin. I felt the information was thorough and I now have a better comprehension of the system. I immediately began to use the TRX® in the facility I work at with many varieties of patients. Whether they are an older patient with balance deficits or younger athletes recovering from an injury, I feel the TRX® can assist them in achieving and/or surpassing their goals. Thanks for a great product.