Barbara Prentice - Holden, MA
Suspension Training is challenging, yet fun--just when I think I've mastered a move--wait, there's a more difficult progression of the same move, and I'm back to square 1. I love it!
Joshua Vernier - Folsom, CA
I had a blast. I've had a TRX and I've known the basics for a while now, but this course opened my eyes to all of the versatile possibilities. I just used it today with a 73 year-old-client who has severe back problems...and he had no issues with it! I'd recommend this course to literally anyone and everyone!
Leanne Weiner - New York, NY
The Suspension Trainer is a fantastic training modality. The course helped to expand on my knowledge of exercises & how to program/progress them to specific clients, and for my own personal goals. Plus, it was also tons of fun!
Kerry Antonello - Ottawa, ON
The first time I laid hands on a TRX Suspension Trainer, it was love at first sweat. I bought my own, packed up my traditional weight bench and plates and haven't looked back. As a newly certified trainer, I look forward to incorporating my own suspension trainer into my toolbox for clients. I literally brought it to a boot camp the morning after I completed the certification course and already have 2 clients interested in purchasing one for themselves at home. From a personal and professional point of view, I believe taking the course will add to my success!
Lynne Snook - Romford, UK
Awesome! Best training tool and programme since I started doing Les Mills program's over 10 years ago! :)
Christopher Moore - New York, NY
This course was very informative. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, and hands on experience was great! I really feel comfortable giving my clients a super workout with this powerful training tool.
Andi Spampinato - San Francisco, CA
This course was not only comprehensive, but it was fun! I learned proper techniques, uses and cues for the TRX Suspension Trainer that I will take back and use in my clients' workouts.
Whitman "Pete" Cross - Lynchburg, VA
This course is a wonderful introduction to TRX and its many exercises. Since I am older than most seniors I work with, I know the value to whole body workouts for folks who are gradually losing their coordination and balance. TRX at its most basic level requires attention to whole body strength and coordination. The range of simple to complex moves demonstrates the unique advantages of using TRX for all clients.
Marquita Canatella - Slidell, LA
Excellent way to help clients take their fitness journey, as well as my own, to the next level!
Rosette Elks - Phoenix, AZ
The overall course was quite beneficial and will carry over to my professional career as well as in home training. I purchased the TRX Force kit and look forward to utilizing all information learned from the course.