Bob Harper - The Biggest Loser
“What piece of gym equipment gives you the best workout? I like the TRX System. The balance involves your entire core.”
Jaime Pressly - Shape Magazine
“I use the TRX to tone up at home when I can’t get to the gym.”
Heather Mitts - Pro Soccer Player & Olympic Gold Medalist
“I fell in love with the TRX the first time I tried it. Its given me so many different options to strengthen and stabilize my core. I prefer working with body weight during the season so the TRX is perfect for travel and home.”
Irene McCormick - MS/CSCS
“The TRX rocks. This product can be used with any population. The seniors in my classes just love it. I use it one on one with youth athletes and they respond enthusiastically and are really challenged. In-home clients think it’s the greatest because it is so easy to store and offers a lot of challenge, intensity and variety. I travel with it and use it with the door attachment in my hotel room for my “on the road” personal workouts.”
Drew Brees, MVP Super Bowl XLIV - New Orleans Saints
“On the road, I use the TRX Suspension Trainer. You can use it anywhere, strap it to a pole or behind the door. It works every part of your body and helps you improve balance, speed, agility, core strength, shoulder and leg strength and power. I train with it every day.”