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NOT YOUR AVERAGE Star-Studded TRX Workout


Not Your Average Star-Studded TRX Workout

The average TRX workout doesn’t include blindfolds. It also doesn’t include reality TV stars or the first blind athlete to play Division I football. But if there’s a theme to 2020, it’s that 'average' ceased to exist a long time ago. So when former USC football player Jake Olson and TRX founder (and Sweat Inc. judge) Randy Hetrick decided to meet for a pandemic-era workout, they—naturally?—decided to invite trainer and Love Is Blind star Mark Cuevas to join them via Instagram Live. Wonder what happened? Check out the highlights below!

Leveling the Playing Field

Olson lost his sight at age 12 after years of treatment for retinoblastoma. As a blind athlete, he loves working out with the Suspension Trainer because it allows him to train anytime, anywhere—no workout buddy required. While that may not be a big deal for some, it’s liberating for someone with blindness. 

Olson noted that obesity is a problem within the blind community because most blind people don’t have the option of going for a short run or bike ride. “For all intents and purposes, the blind community—who want to work out, who can work out—just need a little something extra to help them work out. I think the TRX System is the absolute best for that,” Olson said. “It allows go out through a workout, get the blood pumping, get those endorphins released, and really feel good about yourself.”

To better understand the TRX workout from Olson’s perspective and highlight how a blind person would use the straps, both Hetrick and Cuevas both wore blindfolds for the session.

Jake Olson (left) and Randy Hetrick (right) pose with their Suspension Trainers after a TRX workout

TRX Atomic Push-ups are tough for everyone—even a former USC football player

Olson, who’s 6’4”, said he first became interested in strength training and building muscle mass because he was a lanky, blind guy who wanted to play football for one of the top college programs in the country. Team officials were concerned he might get injured on the field, so he decided to bulk up to put their minds at ease. For Olson, that meant a lot of upper-body work, which he continues even today.

Olson said his favorite Suspension Training exercises are TRX Bicep Curls, I-Flies, Y-Flies, and T-Flies, and core classics like TRX Mountain Climbers, Oblique Crunches, and Side Planks. The newest exercise in his arsenal? The TRX Atomic Push-up. “[Randy] introduced me to them. I was like, ‘Oh man, I'll start doing these more,’ but it was brutal in the moment.”

Randy Hetrick (left), Jake Olson (right), and Mark Cuevas (pictured on cell phone, center)

No big deal: just three dudes talking about first kisses while they train

If you thought conversation during this workout would be limited to proper form and fitness resources for the blind, think again. Cuevas jumped straight into the juicy stuff, like asking Olson about his first kiss, then all three men each shared their first kiss stories, before moving on to their weirdest dates.

Think you can keep up with Olson, Hetrick, and Cuevas? Experience the entire workout for yourself right now on Cuevas’ Instagram TV page, or learn more about TRX’s commitment to working with the blind community on TRX’s social channels starting Wednesday, September 2.

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