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Virtual Reality Pro Series
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Welcome to Part 1 of our TRX Virtual Reality Pro Series
In a “normal” year, it’s always gym season. A time for you and your clients get together for some one-on-one and hands-on coaching. But, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that “normal” is constantly evolving—with COVID-19, 60% of Americans have claimed that they do not intend to renew their gym memberships this year. The good news is, the business of coaching has managed to find creative ways to stay alive, and even thrive amongst this new normal . Whether it’s a live group workout over Zoom or creating personalized programs in an app, training in the virtual world can be more fun, challenging, and rewarding than you might think.
Here’s how to make the most of your first—or next—client session.
Fit Bit
Train clients smarter with wearable technology, like the FitBit Versa 3™
It can be challenging to hold clients accountable when there’s no in-person time, which is where activity trackers come in—now you can track what your clients do and give them a full-body workout right from their wrist. Our new partnership with Fitbit means clients can even use the TRX® app directly on Fitbit smartwatches, including the new Fitbit Versa 3™. No matter what brand of fitness or activity tracker your clients use, here’s how you can help them train smarter. 
Tracking for you. Progress for them. 
Because activity trackers take self-reporting out of the equation, now you can see exactly what your clients’ stats are for heart rate, sleep, workouts, and more. Plus, everything is reported in real-time, which builds momentum for them (and awareness for you).
Build community and motivation.
Encourage your clients to share their stats or workouts on Instagram and other social platforms so they can pat themselves on the back (and encourage friends to cheer them on).
Reinforce their goals
Use data from your clients’ wearables to set daily or weekly goals—like 10,000 step challenges, a new max rep, lower resting heart rate, more recovery sessions, and whatever you think will help them reach their overall goals.
Virtual course
Expand your training toolkit
Just as you learn new ways to train your clients with plyometrics, strength training, and multi-planar movements, it’s important to grow your personal training tools. Encouraging clients to sync their wearable devices to apps like Trainerize helps you and your clients 1) see everything in one place, 2) stay connected with in-app messages, and 3) create a custom workout routine and schedule with reminders. This tool is so useful, we have something in the works to really up the game (stay tuned for an amazing launch, coming soon). 
 TRX App
Encourage autonomy with the TRX App
Every trainer knows success lies in not only helping clients achieve goals, but in setting them on a self-sustaining path. The Official TRX App® offers a wide variety of workouts right at your clients’ fingertips, from HIIT to yoga to functional training, all guided by world-class coaches. It tracks and analyzes client data, plus reacts in real-time with customized training tips, motivation and workout plans to help them achieve goals faster. 
Even with gyms eventually opening back up, there’s one thing we know for sure: virtual training is here to stay. Look forward to more tips & tricks on building your personal training practice in the post-COVID era with the second article of our Virtual Reality Pro Series. 

Learn more about integrating TRX into your virtual and in-person coaching with the TRX Suspension Training Course. Now available for your convenience in a LIVE & VIRTUAL format. 

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