4 Ways To Build Mental Strength For 2020

4 Ways To Build Mental Strength For 2020

With a COVID-19 pandemic that’s lasted since March of this year, lockdowns, social distancing, and everything else that has disrupted the routines we rely on for a sense of normalcy, we’ve started to manifest stress in ways that impact our daily lives. Moving on our TRX® Suspension Trainer™ always puts us in a good mood, but working remotely and not being totally sure about what’s going to happen next always looms over our minds. Basically, it’s a lot. Good news is, the human spirit is indefatigable—we rounded up a few tips to help reframe your days and shift toward a healthier state of mind. 

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Here’s something that’s always in our control—fitness. The beauty of building strength is it builds resilience in every other aspect of our lives. The ability to cope, persevere, feel more positively about the day-to-day when we literally see change happen before our eyes. Plus, staying fit strengthens our immune system, naturally lowers blood pressure, and, once a routine is set in place, instills a sense of calm. As for motivation, it’s never easy, but breaking it down is–every step is a step in the right direction. Start off with 10 minutes of movement and go from there. 

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Sometimes, all we need to instantly shift our mindset is to try something out of our comfort zone. Trying new things not only positively distracts you by mixing up the usual go-tos, it keeps your brain healthy, young, and vibrant. Not a baker? Try making a sourdough starter (if you missed the bread boom back in March, now’s your chance). Never tried HIIT before? Carve out 20 minutes with you and your mat and our trusty TRX app. Read a new book, brush up on your ever-more-important Spanish with Duolingo, order a pottery kit online and try your hand at throwing clay. The options are as limitless as your imagination.

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It sounds buzzy, but it matters—every little bit of nurturing adds up to a greater whole. And a 2-month holistic yoga retreat or 12-step nightly skincare regimen isn’t necessary either. “Self-care” is simply any action or behavior that keeps you healthy by nurturing better self-esteem, stress management, and overall well being. Your “me time” arsenal can include getting in enough ZZZ’s, eating healthfully, connecting with others, meditating, and maintaining as much of your normal routine as is safe and possible. And while it may be tempting to refresh the news every few minutes to stay up to date with what’s going on, give yourself permission to take a break. 

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Struggling against unhappiness, sadness, etc—by resisting and rejecting it—can create more undue suffering. Acceptance isn’t about liking, wanting, or supporting your anxiety, feelings of isolation, and everything else; rather, you're choosing to yourself permission to be as you are, feel what you feel, or experience what you’re experiencing without creating unproductive shame or anxiety or judgement. Focus on the things you can do. Practice gratitude and write down 10 things every day that bring you joy, or check in with your body, and take a moment to assess how you’re feeling. Daily mindfulness meditation practice has been found to produce significant improvements in attention, energy, and stress.

Stick to a mix of these methods above and give it time—just as fitness takes time to build, so does encouraging a happier, more content present. The only truth: you’re not alone! We’re all experiencing this collective whirlwind together, so remember that any time you’re feeling less inspired than usual. 

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