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5 Active Ways to Soak Up the Sun This Summer

Posted on Aug 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM

5 Active Ways to Soak Up the Sun This Summer

With longer days and warmer temperatures, summer is the perfect time to bask in the sun, but getting a hefty dose of Vitamin D doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping in a lounge chair. Here are 5 active ways you can enjoy the final days of summer.


Photo: Angelo DeSantis

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Ready to get off the shore and on the water? Try stand up paddleboarding! Full disclosure: SUP probably won’t replace your cardio workout. According to an American Council on Exercise study, SUP novice participant heart rates average around 55 percent of their max, almost ten percent short of the first target heart rate zone. The physical payoff for SUP comes from working your obliques. Just be sure rotate your torso and dig your paddle into the water.


Outdoor Yoga

You don’t need a studio to squeeze in a few sun salutations. Grab your mat and go outside for your yoga practice this summer. According to Yoga Journal, outdoor yoga comes with extra wellness perks. The magazine says it can replenish depleted energy, heighten your awareness, build confidence in your skills, and boost meditation benefits. Want to tackle new challenges like handstands, backbends, and headstands in your backyard? Bring your TRX Suspension Trainer outside for TRX yoga.


Photo: Sundae 2 Sundae


Kayaking is a fun way to travel short distances and get closer to marine life. Think you know a city? Wait until you see it from the water. While paddling, you work your core, along with your arms and shoulders, and—with enough speed—kayaking can even be a cardio workout. Spending time with friends? Rent a rig for two!


Photo: Alfredo Borba


You don't need to plan a serious ride to justify time on a bike. Try using your bike to run errands or for short commutes. If you're traveling this summer, consider renting a bike to explore your destination. In many major cities—like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco—bike share programs make hopping on two wheels easier than ever. (And green carpet bike lanes like the ones you'll find in Manhattan and Amsterdam make cycling safer for new riders.) From beach cruisers to mountain bikes, cycling is one of the smartest ways to get moving while you travel.


Photo: Peter van der Sluijs


It's difficult to drag yourself out of bed to run and jump on a cold winter's day, but navigating obstacles on a warm summer morning is a delight. If you've been hesitant to try a bootcamp in your town, now's the time to change that. The variety of movements you'll encounter in a bootcamp workout will help you get fitter faster than repeating the same exercises day after day at the gym. Bonus: many established bootcamps use TRX Suspension Trainers for advanced strength and conditioning, so your TRX skills may come in handy.

No matter which activity you choose, slather on the SPF and head outside. Your body is #Made2Move, and there’s no time like the present to get started.



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