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Posted on October 4, 2019 3:00:00 PM
Anybody Anywhere


If you hate the gym and boutique fitness studios, it can feel as if your workout options are limited. Running, swimming, and cycling are fantastic outdoor options to get your heart pumping, but what about strength training? While most strength training equipment requires a special rack or spot, the TRX Suspension Trainer is easy to set up and use any place where you have a hinged door or a sturdy pole. Let's look at just a few places where we've spotted folks using their TRX Suspension Trainers.

At Home

Setting up a Suspension Trainer at home couldn't be easier. If you're using the door anchor, simply toss the square side of the door anchor across the top of the door, close to the hinges. The loop side of the anchor should be on the same side of the door as you. Ideally, you'll be using a door that opens away from you. Set-up with the door anchor takes less than one minute.

There are lots of TRX door anchor fans out there. Here are some we spotted on Instagram.

Among the TRX-at-home fans, some people prefer to take their Suspension Trainers outside. Whether using a tree, a deck post, or a swing set for the set-up, these creative solutions show off just how versatile the TRX Suspension Trainer can be.

At the Beach

Seaside TRX workouts are one of the greatest joys in exercise. All you need to set up for your workout is your TRX Suspension Trainer, and a tree, jungle gym, or pole.

On the Court, Field, or Playground

Basketball and soccer goals and jungle gyms can make excellent Suspension Trainer mounts when the goals or poles are safely secured to the ground.

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With Your Car

In the early days of TRX, the company had a van that would set up at farmer's markets and other public spots so people could try out the Suspension Trainer. These athletes also recognized that their vehicles could double as a mobile gym.

The Great Outdoors

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect training spot. For some, it might be under a shady tree. For others, it could be on the deck of the boat. There are people who like to chase their goals in the snow, and others who prefer the desert.

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Taking in #Joshuatree TRX style! Pulled out a #rockclimbing cam and secured a great little anchor for some #trxexercises in the warm #California sun ☀️! . We are heading back out after a quick lunch break to get a couple hikes in and hopefully catch the sunset while perched upon one of these #boulders (straight out of the stone ages ⛰). Get out there and LIVE YOUR FITNESS! . #trxinjoshuatree #joshuatreetrx #trxanywhere #trxworkout #trxvideos #trxvideo #taketrxwithyou #bodyweight #strongcore #getoutside #liveyourfitness #makeyourbodyyourmachine #corework #fitover40 #strongwoman #outdoorgym #californialife #trxtraining #mynewhome? #homeiswheretheheartis #outdoorgym #outdoorgymlife #outdoorfitness #moveyourfeet #earnyourprogression

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Exercising is a personal process. It's rare for most of us to take time for ourselves, but TRX empowers athletes to truly make a workout their own. With the TRX Suspension Trainer, you can work toward a stronger you whenever, wherever you want. Fitness should be for anybody, anywhere, and the Suspension Trainer makes that goal a reality.

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