5 TRX Tools Every Golfer Needs

TRX for Golf

5 TRX Tools Every Golfer Needs


Selecting the right tools can make a world of difference in golf, but the tools you need for a better drive or swing extend well beyond clubs, gloves, and shoes. The best golfers know that cross-training and recovery are critical to improving performance, and these TRX tools can help you level up your game.

Trevor Anderson using a TRX Suspension Trainer to warm up for a golf game

TRX Suspension Trainer

It’s the marquis product in the TRX lineup because it’s portable, adaptive, and incredibly effective. Golf performance experts love the TRX Suspension Trainer both for cross-training the posterior chain—think TRX Rows, Squats, and Hamstring Presses—and for warming up before a round. Want to target your mobility before you head out to the course? Set up your Suspension Trainer up on a tree or your golf cart for a quick warmup.

Trevor Anderson completing a TRX Rip Trainer step press lunge with rotation

TRX RIP Trainer

Golfers need rotational power, and the Rip Trainer is in a league of its own when it comes to core and stability work. A golf swing requires aggressive acceleration, followed by deceleration. With exercises like the RIP Trainer Lunge Press and Samurai Strike, golfers hone deceleration and balance, which, in turn, helps them generate power more effectively through their swing.


TRX Strength Bands

Strength Bands are the unsung heroes of the golf course. Whether you use them to partner up with a buddy and refine your drive or to improve your stance, these simple, affordable bands can help you train for a better drive.

10_ wall ball

TRX Wall Ball

Want to improve your swing and blow off some steam? Grab your TRX Wall Ball and wind up for a rotational toss. Instead of trying to max out your weight for this move, select a lighter weight ball that lets you test your reflexes while targeting the obliques and core.


TRX Rocker

Recovery is key! After a day on the course, taking time for myofascial release will help reduce muscle pain and improve later performance. 

Standard foam rollers come in a uniform density or pattern: you either get a smooth cylinder, or a bumpy style. The TRX Rocker, by contrast, has three contact points: a low intensity, lightly-grooved side for more gentle massage, a medium intensity, more deeply-grooved side for deeper release, and the apex of the two sides, for high-intensity target areas. Instead of purchasing three foam roller styles, you get everything in a single tool with the Rocker.

If you want to be a better golfer, you have to develop a stronger posterior chain, active core muscles, and superior mobility. From warmup to cross-training to recovery, TRX has the full suite of tools to see you through training and recovery.

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