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5 TRX Training Tips to Keep You on Track

5 TRX Training Tips to Keep You on Track

Here are 5 TRX Training tips to kick start your fitness, keep you on track, and making progress toward any fitness goal.

1) Train with a partner or a group

Let's face it... training is a bit like going to the beach... while it is fine by yourself,  it is much more enjoyable with a partner!

I totally admit to being a "social trainer" This means that while I can get the job done by myself, I am much better at pushing the intensity and getting results in the presence of a few good training partners. They keep you honest, ensure that you won't whip out, call you out when you need it and help you push yourself with a little "friendly" competition. Be sure to find a collection of people who will bring as much energy as you do.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is great for working out with a partner.  You can easily meet at each other's house, a gym, a park or even at the side of the road. Just strap it up and you are ready to go!

A great place to find a partner would be the TRX community.  There are like minded TRX enthusiasts probably right around the corner.  Take a look and find an exercise partner today!

If you don't know anyone like that or can't find someone in your neighborhood, join a bootcamp where you will have the added benefit of a qualified fitness professional who is going to bring guidance, variety, intensity, motivation and coaching to your experience. You will be amazed at what you can achieve!

2) Integrate Metabolic Circuits

The jury is in and the verdict is pretty clear. If you want to shed your winter "layer" efficiently, you are going to need to bring some loaded intensity and anaerobic intervals to your programming. Enter a few of the offerings from our DVD series to meet these goals.

These are all excellent programs that will give you the metabolic impulse that you need to get lean and strong for the summer. Additionally check out some of our community features for some great metabolic conditioning sessions that will scare that winter layer right off!

3) Train Outside

It's 85 degrees outside. The sky is blue. There's a nice breeze... So why the hell do you want to go into the gym?

The truth is that you don't. You spend an entire winter cowering from the cold under artificial lighting. Get outside and make it happen! Take your kids to the park and get your own workout in while they play (kids playgrounds make for great TRX anchors). Find your own personal Pagoda of Pain or just enjoy the peace of a good workout under the open sky. Training outside is invigorating, cleansing, effective, motivating and in many ways it almost feels like cheating because the outdoor element just feels too good for the soul to be working out :-)

4) Get Some Help

A trainer can maximize your training time and fast track you to your best results ever without you getting stuck spinning your wheels or caught in your own training biases. They will hand pick the most effective exercise progressions for your abilities and goals and program them in a way to take you to your peak fitness.
Now I know that some of you out there are

  • "But I'm already a personal trainer."
  • "I know what I'm doing."
  • "I don't need anyone to
    train me."

If you are thinking that I want you to walk to a mirror and ask the person you see if the services they provide are valuable?  Do you have the ability to improve someone's workout? Are you able to bring a fresh approach to your clients to help keep them motiviated, interested and achieving their goals? Are you able to see things in their movements that they may not be aware of themselves? If you answered yes to any of those questions, call the person you see in the mirror "A BIG FAT HYPOCRITE" and then go hire somebody to work with you. You will become a better trainer, with a better breadth of knowledge and the quality of your workouts will go off the scale!

Look for a personal trainer that has experience training on the TRX and can help improve form and function to maximize your workout routine!

Don't have the bucks to shell out for a personal trainer?  Well, if you are following tip #1, “Train with a Partner or Group,” part of your program should be to help each other out.  Make sure you are using proper form and not cheating on an exercise.  Take turns, one person does the exercise while the other can motivate, push and provide encouragement.

5) Tighten Up Your Nutrition

Everyone tries to eat right but the question is, do most people really know what eating right REALLY means? There is so much conflicting information out there especially when we consider the daily bombardment we get from popular media feeding us what is in many instances information that is either inaccurate or just plain biased. By applying the Precision Nutrition principle you will guarantee your success this year of reaching your best fitness and physique ever.

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