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6 Celebrity Home Gyms to Inspire Your Fitness Routine

Posted on Nov 3, 2017 12:00:00 PM

6 Celebrity Home Gyms to Inspire Your Fitness Routine

For most celebrities, exercise isn’t an option. The question isn’t if they work out, but where they go. While some people embrace paparazzi photos as they head to and from the gym, a number of famous faces prefer to tackle their exercise routines at home.


When Oscar winner George Clooney isn’t making movies or drinking with his Casamigos Tequila co-founder Rande Gerber, you might find him at one of this international getaways. In addition to homes in Lake Como, Italy and Berkshire, United Kingdom, Clooney has a retreat—complete with an airy home gym—in Los Cabos, Mexico. The Ocean’s 11 actor’s light-filled workout space boasts Life Fitness machines, (an elliptical and two stationary bikes), along with a weight rack. (Photo via Architectural Digest/Björn Wallander)




Stanley Tucci’s former home in New York included a relatively modest home gym, but it had everything the Emmy-winning actor needed for a full body workout. As you can see, Tucci’s cardio options were covered between a treadmill, elliptical machine, and stationary bike, while his resistance training regimen was front and center with his TRX Suspension Trainer™. (Photo via



Private Practice star Kate Walsh has outfitted her last two homes with a full Pilates studio, along with treadmills. These photos from one of Walsh’s previous homes in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles offer a glimpse of the high-end equipment Walsh used. Real estate listings for her more recent home, in Encino, show that Walsh had once again outfitted her guest house as a Pilates studio. (Photo via Starblingz)




Actor Mark Wahlberg may have built the one of the most impressive home gyms of all time. The bi-level gym in Wahlberg’s former Beverly Hill mansion housed cardio machines on the upper level, with weight racks, a boxing ring, and a full-size basketball court on the lower level. (Photo via




Do you really, really, really wanna see how Spice Girl Mel B stays fit at home? You’re in luck. The singer and America’s Got Talent host put her Hollywood Hills home on the market earlier this year, and the listing included a photo of her not-so-Scary home gym. In addition to cardio machines and weights inside, Mel also had a stunning pool outside. (Photo via Trulia)


He’s the most winning NFL quarterback of all time. Even in retirement, she’s one of the highest paid models in the world. Between the two, it’s no surprise that Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen would need a state-of-art home gym. Their former Los Angeles mansion included an exercise space designed by Out-Fit, and was equipped with custom-made wrought-iron monkey bars. (Photo via Architectural Digest/Roger Davies)


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