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Now more than ever, having the ability to workout in an outdoor space can be the key to keeping your fitness business going. The versatility of the TRX Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer, when it comes to anchoring and exercise options, makes these tools invaluable to any owner or trainer - and even more so during this pandemic. If you’re taking your classes outdoors, parks can be an especially great option given their accessibility, versatility, and natural anchoring options. Before we jump into it, make sure you take a few minutes to check out the Parks & Rec guide laid out by the CDC here. Beyond that, here’s our guide to delivering an effective, enjoyable, and safe experience for your clients outside.  

1. Choosing An Appropriate & Available Space

Depending on how many attendees you’re planning on having, you’ll need a space big enough to accommodate them, your equipment, and the types of workouts you want. Keep in mind the footprint needed for each participant and decide whether you want people staying in one spot, or moving from place to place. Ensuring there are bathrooms and water fountains nearby will also make your clients feel more comfortable. 

Take into consideration the time of day, available parking, average temperature, lighting/visibility, ground surface, and other people in the area. Finding an area away from other businesses or park-goers will give you more freedom and also provide privacy for your clients.  

If it’s a shared public space, like a public park, do your best to not disturb everybody in the vicinity. If you’re going to be playing music from a speaker, make sure it’s tasteful and at an appropriate level. 

Note: Other businesses, their parking lots, and private property are not legal options, unless you have written consent and waivers from the owners.  

2. Natural / Available Anchoring

Anchoring your Suspension Trainers and Rip Trainers is quick and easy, but you’ll want to make sure you can do this safely and without disturbing any natural or private structures. Suspension Trainers anchor really well to tree trunks & branches, but having enough nearby so each of your participants can see & hear you is important. Before you commit to a location, make sure your Straps fit around the tree trunks (you may need your X-Tenders) and there are enough anchors for everybody.  As a side note, Rip Trainers anchor really well to park benches, around stable fences and light posts, and can also be used in Partner Mode by clipping the resistance cords of two separate Rip Trainers around each other when you want to mix things up.  

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 12.48.08 PMBonus: If you teach your attendees how to anchor their own straps and Rips at the beginning of the session (make it part of the warm-up), it’ll speed up set-up & break-down, and also empower your clients to know how to do it if they’ve got their own TRX equipment at home.  

3. Accessibility & Creature Comforts 

iStock-1179289806 (1)Getting to your location needs to be easy. Having a centralized location with plenty of nearby parking is important, especially if they have to carry their things to the space. Having shade and/or shelter from sun and rain are bonuses so you can keep going in inclement weather. 

4. Getting the Word Out

Marketing your classes and new location can be tough but you’ve got lots of options. Posting photos/videos of you working out in that space (using your Suspension Trainer or Rip Trainer) on all your social media channels is a good start. Keep in mind the level of the participants you’re trying to attract. For instance, we don’t suggest posting TRX Handstand videos if you’re trying to attract beginners or seniors.  

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 2.49.55 PMYou can purchase a few small plastic yard signs or a-frame signs with your logo & contact info on them and set them up facing different directions during your class. Passersby will be able to see how to get more information about joining if they’re walking by and intrigued by what’s going on. Even more, having an online giveaway for a free spot a week in advance is also a great way to get eyes on your class. 

5. Covering Your Legal Bases - Permits & Paperwork

If you’re looking at using a public park, you’ll need a permit from your city’s Parks & Rec department. To make your life easier, Class Pass was lovely enough to put together this city-by-city guide to obtaining permits for outdoor fitness. One thing we will say is that it is used to be tougher to acquire a permit for a public park, but with the pandemic driving everybody outdoors, some city officials are making it easier for trainers to get the permits they need. The fees and paperwork are minimal and you’ll rest easy knowing you’re legally allowed to use the space. This will come in handy if you’re stopped by a cop in the middle of a class, or if another trainer is trying to use the same spot.  

Even if your clients all signed waivers at your previous space, you’ll need to update your forms to reflect the new location. Make sure to get emergency contact information and also see if anybody has allergies that may be negatively affected by the environment - bee allergies may require an emergency epi-pen, grass/air/pollen allergies may require masks, inhalers, or mats on hand.  

6. Safety

iStock-1267285113Keeping everybody safe during your workout should be your first priority. Here are some things to have on hand for outdoor classes:  

  • Touchless Thermometer & Hand Sanitizer
  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray
  • First Aid Kit
  • Health Profiles (of each attendee and their emergency contact information) on your phone.
  • Extra Water

Remember to thank your participants for their patience and understanding while you adapt your offerings, and remember to continue to offer patience and understanding of your own as everybody’s dealing with excess stress this year. We’ll all get through this if we stay focused on our health and take things one day at a time!

To learn more about becoming a TRX Coach, check out our TRX Suspension Training Course: Live Virtual Edition. 

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