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6 Ways to Work Movement Into Labor Day Festivities

Posted on Aug 30, 2018 7:00:00 AM

6 Ways to Work Movement Into Labor Day Festivities

Before firing up the grill for the Fourth, don’t forget to fire up your body with an Independence Day workout. Even if you’re traveling or spending the day with friends and family, there are plenty of fun ideas for incorporating fitness into the holiday without hitting the gym.



1. Fitness apps

You don’t need a gym or loads of equipment for a workout. If you exercise harder with a trainer motivating you, there are tons of great fitness apps you can use on the go. Try the TRX App for workouts programmed by top trainers, Sweat for 28-minute bodyweight workouts, or Gixo or Train-With for live and on-demand classes from anywhere in the world on a pay-per-class basis. Even better, grab a buddy to join you. Fitness is more fun with friends!

2. Swim

Hitting the beach or a pool for the holiday? Schedule a swim. Swimming fires up more of your body’s major muscle groups than other forms of cardio exercise, according to Time. More than that, it’s fun. Hirofumi Tanaka Tanaka, professor of kinesiology and director of the Cardiovascular Aging Research Lab at the University of Texas, tells the magazine “People tend to enjoy swimming more than running or bike-riding.” Good times, plus feel-good endorphins and cardiovascular perks? Sounds like a winner.



3. Take a hike

Even if you’re not by the water, you can still get your heart pumping with a walk in the woods or around a city. (Yes, urban hikes count, too!) Look for routes featuring changes in elevation. says that hiking can burn up to 530 calories per hour. Bonus: Research shows as little as five minutes of exercise in a natural environment boosts your mood.

4. Video games

Oof. Stuck in a heat wave? Crank up the air conditioning and burn some calories with a good dance game. Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution: find what works for you! According to Shape, vigorous aerobic dance can burn approximately 500 calories in an hour, and you might pick up some sweet moves for later.

5. Have a field day

No, that’s not a metaphor. Whether you’re hosting a backyard picnic or gathering at a park, it’s easy to orchestrate a field day for the Fourth. Think of all the fun you had a kid running the three-legged race and partnering for wheelbarrows in grade school. More than silly games, a field day promotes playful movement. (Yes, you were exercising the whole time you thought you were trying to earn bragging rights for your classroom.)



6. Game on

Multiple events too intense for a summer holiday? Keep it simple with a single sport. Plan touch-football, basketball, volleyball, or even a round of kickball. Enjoy the people around you beyond the standard snacking and drinking that goes along with Fourth.

Don’t get so blinded by fireworks and food on the Fourth that you forget to move. Make an effort to engage with your environment and loved ones for your most memorable holiday yet. Your body is Made2Move, and Independence Day is another opportunity to celebrate your health and happiness.


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