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A Philosophy, Practice, and Partner

Success Story

A Philosophy, Practice, and Partner

Philosophy, practice, and partner.

Three words which carry a mountain's worth of weight and wealth. Individually they are vital to success, collectively they make a man, a woman, a team, unstoppable. Each is an ingredient in the recipe to living a rich, fulfilling life, one counting on the other at all times, intertwined like strands of a rope, the harder they are pulled, the tighter each priceless strand gets to the other. They are bound by the force applied to them and yet will separate and dry out like a parched river bed if left unused.

Since the fall of 2016, bound together by the belief that the best a person has to offer can be cultivated through struggle, firmly rooted in training, hard work, acknowledgement of success, and changing the angle, have worked to achieve transformation for our nation’s warriors.

As we introduce students of our breakthrough Warrior PATHH program to TRX, we focus a great deal on the notion of choosing to CHANGE THE ANGLE. If it gets tough, change the angle. If it’s too easy, change the angle. If you get lost, change the angle. If you’re unsure of what to do next, change the angle. If you want to change perspective, you must take action and change the angle! Three words that prove that the key to growth and change, inside and out, is the ability to acknowledge the place one is in, and intentionally and consistently change the angle.


Our warriors — men and women who have raised their hand and sworn to protect us at all costs, and through all things, find foundation, motivation, and ownership in this shared philosophy. They thrive in knowing their ability to take action is a skill set and character trait they can lean into. They have found strength in knowing they are trained to thrive through the pain. They find new possibilities in the future with each shift in perspective. While suspended in the system utilized to make movement a priority in life again, they find a firm foundation in philosophy that can be applied to any aspect of their lives.

The second word in the great trifecta above is practice. Another form of intentional, consistent, and continuous action that drives performance and growth. Practice usually means there is going to be some tough moments to go through in order to reach the desired level of perfect practice, which is how we prepare for life. The age old adage that practice makes perfect is only half the equation. In reality, perfect practice makes perfect. Which means what is practiced has to be of high quality, with attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence.


Our students capitalize on the opportunity to practice on a daily basis while at Warrior PATHH. They get to challenge themselves each morning to grow. Growth in physical strength and endurance, growth in mental toughness, growth in understanding where they are currently, choosing to set pride aside, and work through the pain of yesterday into the greatness of today. These warriors find a familiarity in the sweat that falls from their brow onto the mat, a familiarity in the burn of their muscles followed by physical and emotional growth and transformation. These warriors have found themselves in the arena again and recaptured a practice that they can use anywhere, and any time, to continue their individual climbs to greatness.

The final word, partnership, is the glue that binds all of this together. A partnership forged out of the experience of Warriors, a common desire to help our communities, a drive to provide opportunity for people to live the lives they deserve, to live their best lives. Five men found opportunity to service wrapped in a common practice and that practice paved the way for a partnership that transcends place and time.


Partnership is also a key element of success for our students. As they are challenged and changed throughout the course of 18 months of training, they quickly realize that their most important partnership is with themselves. Each morning during the first seven days of Warrior PATHH, each student is presented with a choice...they can show up and work or they can go through the motions. They can push themselves or they can wait for the moment to be over. Each morning they get a chance to strengthen the partnership they have with the Warrior inside and take one step closer to the life they deserve.

The partnership with themselves is the catalyst to partnerships, and relationships with their families, communities, and beyond. Like the partnership between BCR and TRX, the partnership our warriors build with themselves, even over the first several days, is forged in struggle, trained in character, solidified in daily acknowledgment of success, and strengthened with every rep on the straps, every tick of the clock, every change of the angle.


Philosophy, practice, and partnership, three profound catalysts for growth, opportunities for change, and foundational elements for success. Thank you TRX, your generosity and commitment to BCR had provided countless warriors around the country the opportunity to find purpose in movement, purpose in practice, and ultimately, purpose in living the lives they deserve.


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