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TRX launching the new TRX Pro Suspension Trainer during National Yoga Month is no coincidence. It is the perfect opportunity to highlight how dynamic TRX’s new Pro straps really are. The game-changing feature of the Pro is the adjustable foot cradles — a huge bonus to consumers and fitness professionals alike. Not only do they allow those with smaller/larger feet to train more securely and effectively, they also make it possible to integrate the straps into their practices (think barefoot). As told in Krystal’s story below, the new TRX Pro Suspension Trainer provides an avenue for adding a whole new layer to the way you train, coach and practice. 
Pro4 Foot Cradle
What started out as a New Year’s Resolution turned into my life’s purpose. 2011 began with a personal declaration to start practicing yoga. I was searching for a way to cope with the stress of operating a small TRX fitness studio. Knowing very little about yoga, the philosophy or different styles, I walked into the local yoga studio for guidance. I took my very first class, “Gentle Yoga”, the following week and then upgraded myself to the “Moderate Yoga” class. I was still the youngest student in the room by about 30 years... “Oh Boy, what have I gotten myself into?”... But I made a decision and was going to stick with it. Lucky for me, my teacher guided me to try an Ashtanga class across the hall, she told me it was a more “athletic style” of yoga. This peaked my curiosity and I began searching for more “athletic forms” of yoga at different studios. One month later, I found my practice - Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. Not only was I witnessing physical change in my body, but the mental, emotional and attitude shifts were transformative. This brings me to where I am today. I am a Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher on a mission to create an empowering community that supports one another in living an authentic lifestyle. 
After experiencing the transformative properties of Yoga, the next natural progression was to become a yoga teacher. My desire was to bring the practice back to my TRX community so they too had the opportunity to experience what I had. To my dismay, they wouldn't have it. I was their TRX Group Coach. Nowhere did they sign up for contorting their body while focusing on mindful breathing and vision. 
Dumbfounded by the lack of enthusiasm, I went back to the drawing board. I couldn't give this up; I felt passionately about the fact that they needed this practice in their lives, it’s that powerful. Then it hit me, I am their TRX instructor; that’s how they think of me — and that’s the medium in which I’ve gained their trust. The solution was so simple: keep their trust and create a practice using the straps! And that is exactly what I did. With much experience implementing mobility movements at the end of a fitness session, I began evolving the idea — combining the philosophy and pillars of Power Vinyasa Yoga with the versatility of the TRX Suspension Trainer. Alas, TRX Yoga Flow was born.
TRX Yoga Flow is a style of Power Yoga that leverages the TRX Suspension Trainer to build true resilience. Laying emphasis on strength, you coordinate movements/postures (asana) with breath (ujjayi) through integrating the body as a whole, simultaneously increasing flexibility, coordination and balance. Using TRX as a tool within the practice has made yoga accessible for everyone. From power yogis looking to expand their practice; athletes seeking to become more mobile; students who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, recovering from back injury... it really was a solution for everyone. At the end of the day, TRX Yoga Flow is far more than creating yoga postures to lengthen and strengthen your body, it creates possibility!
As fate would have it I met someone who had the same vision and passion as I did — a need to create an empowering community where people can enjoy their practice and abandon their fears. In June of 2016, my business partner, Shannon and I decided to set aside OUR fears, drop the hesitation, and fully commit to giving this community what it was missing: a one-of-a-kind yoga studio dedicated to the Baptiste practice — and surprisingly the only studio in the nation offering TRX Yoga. SWEAT Power Yoga!
Sweat Yoga
In just three short months, we have impacted over 500 students and TRX Yoga Flow is one of our most popular classes. We continue to run out of room (25 straps available) in many of the classes offered. We have trained three additional instructors and doubled the number of classes offered — so we can continue to ensure this style of Yoga remains accessible to everyone. It fills my heart to give students the opportunity to experience their transformation. 
Yoga is the uniting of mind and body. There is no one style of yoga  better than another. Rather, different styles of yoga exist to allow you to choose what works for YOU. Find your practice and allow yoga to help you exceed your expectations, moving you towards an authentic and happy life. 
Live life with a purpose, and don't be afraid to do the work. You Are Worth It! 
- Krystal Say 
Krystal Say is a senior instructor for TRX and the co-founder of SWEAT Power Yoga in Western Massachusetts. As an advocate for total wellness she holds her degree in exercise science, registered as a Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and certified as a Health Coach through IIN. She is a self-proclaimed adventure seeker, real food loving, fresh air enthusiast, sneaker lacing trail finder, power yogi. Pursuing a dream and opening the studio has given her an opportunity to launch the TRX Yoga Flow program. By blending her two passions, power yoga and TRX, she has created a power vinyasa flow using the TRX Suspension Trainer which allows her to bring new “possibility” to the community. 

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