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Add Power & Profits to Your Group Schedule with TRX Mbody

Posted on May 24th, 2019

Add Power & Profits to Your Group Schedule with TRX Mbody


Group training has been a fitness staple for decades. It’s often cited as one of the main reasons prospective customers convert into members, and equally as important, is credited with keeping those same members engaged and coming back for more. Even more, Group Training has been experiencing a powerful resurgence in the last few years thanks in large part to a rise in boutique fitness studios - coupled with a desire for more social engagement and connection. The American College of Sports Medicine listed group training as its number two fitness trend for 2019.  Moreover, it gives gyms, coaches, and trainers an opportunity to efficiently and effectively help more people with less resources - not to mention, it provides members with a cost-effective option to experience top-notch training, led by passionate and educated professionals.

All in all, if your goal is to boost revenue, increase your member and/or client base, and ensure that base remains loyal for years to come, high quality group training is an excellent solution.

The question, then, is how to choose a group program that sets you and your members up for success. While the answer to that question is multi-faceted and dependent on several factors such as member demographics, geographic location, etc... there are a few “must have” factors. For starters, you’ll want a tried-and-true, science-based training plan that appeals to as many members and prospective members as possible. Secondly, you’ll need a system for seamlessly implementing that program into your current schedule. And thirdly, it’s helpful to bring in a program that already has some brand-equity and is recognizable to outsiders and insiders alike. Based on these factors, all of us at TRX went to work to develop a fully-formed, turnkey solution for gyms looking to capitalize on the power of group training that features our signature programming, trainer education, marketing support, gear, and spatial design expertise.

Enter the brand new and exclusive TRX Mbody programming suite.

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“Mbody was created for a handful of reasons,” says Nick Vay, Vice President of North American Sales for TRX. “From a TRX perspective, we've evolved our product offering substantially in the past 2+ years and needed an activation solution to support this evolution. We've come a long way from being a ‘strap’ company, and with our new Studio Line and Functional Training products, we wanted to provide our partners and customers a more robust offering to better bring their functional training areas to life.”

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Vay adds that another point of inspiration behind Mbody’s development was cultivated by the fact that so many other companies in the industry offer either equipment only or training and education only, often leaving gyms somewhat high and dry post-purchase. Even more, trainers, instructors, and staff were left with the burden of filling in the missing pieces by way of marketing, programming, building a schedule, etc - which can be a recipe for failure, especially if there’s high turnover and limited resources.

“At TRX, we have the unique ability to support our customers in all these areas and do so effectively,” explains Vay. “Mbody takes a 360-degree approach; it starts with the design of the functional training area, followed by the type of program (experience) the customer is looking to deliver, supported by our industry-leading education, and activated with our marketing/brand support. This holistic ‘activation’ approach is something our customers are hungry for.”

Brynne Elliott, TRX’s Senior Director of Training & Education adds, “We are providing a solution that takes TRX Movement Based Coaching methods and the TRX Programming Lenses, and then mixes it into the TRX Experience formula. The result is a well-rounded program that is virtually customizable to any space a gym may have and applies to everything from personal training to small-group to boot camps.”

Mbody is essentially a plug-and-play program, so all the heavy lifting has been taken care of. Plus, it comes with TRX’s built-in brand recognition—aka “awareness equity”—which means that current and potential members are already familiar with and trust the products and programs.

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So, what exactly do you get with Mbody?

Tried-and True Programs

“We went out to our partners in the industry to understand what their customers/members are looking to accomplish,” Vay explains. “We learned what their fitness goals were and made programs, rooted in science, that allow them to reach those goals.”

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Based on that information, three distinct programs were developed.

* Mprove is for those who are new to fitness or have been off the wagon for a while and want to re-engage.

* Mpact, a strength-based program geared toward those who want to build muscle and tone up.

* Mpulse, a fast-paced, cardio-focused class for individuals looking to sweat, get the heart pumping, and lose weight.

Each program is versatile in that it allows you to use a wide range of equipment for greater accessibility and engagement. For instance, Mprove, Mpact, and Mpulse all come with 3 distinct templates: 1. TRX Suspension Training-only experiences; 2. Suspension Training + Functional Training Tools (such as kettlebells, power bags, etc); and 3. Suspension Training + Functional Training Tools + Cardio Equipment (such as rowers, spin bikes, treadmill, etc). Vay adds, “This isn't a ‘you have to do it this way’ type of offering; rather, this flexibility and variety makes it an easy-to-implement solution based on the needs and wants of the members.”

Pro Education

We pride ourselves on the high caliber of education we’ve developed since the company was first conceived nearly 15 years ago. Your TRX Mbody suite includes both digital and live, hands-on education to ensure that your trainers and instructors have all the tools—from class design to cueing—necessary to lead sell-out programs.

Marketing Support

A great program means very little if your community doesn’t know it exists. We want to make sure that you get as much visibility as possible so that customers visit your gym in droves. You’ll be provided with ready-made marketing collateral like posters and flyers and building blocks like logos and images so that you can develop your own materials.

So if your class schedule needs a revamp, or you are thinking about adding group classes to your list of offerings, now is the time to take advantage of the increased popularity of group training. Doing so opens you up to new customers, a loyal member base, and the potential to give your bottom line a serious bump.

Click here to learn more about how Mbody can supercharge your bottom line.

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