All-American Brian Stann Hosts Armed Forces TRX Mission Readiness Challenge Championships
Posted on Feb 5, 2012 10:00:00 PM
All-American Brian Stann Hosts Armed Forces TRX Mission Readiness Challenge Championships

Last week Brian Stann, TRX-sponsored UFC fighter and former Marine Corps infantry officer, spent a day with the Marines at Camp Pendleton. During the day, he spoke to the troops and led TRX FORCE Workouts. In the evening, he hosted the TRX Mission Readiness Challenge Championships, which served as the undercard for the Armed Forces Boxing Championship in the Paige Fieldhouse.

In a heated contest that saw the top performers from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard square off for the title of TRX Mission Readiness Champion, Jay Acaa (Navy), Michael Espiau (Coast Guard), Viridiana Lavalle (Army), James Like (Marines) and Layne Mayerstein (Air Force) went head-to-head in the finals to see once and for all which military branch reigned supreme. The lone female in the competition, Lavalle crushed all comers and won with a truly Army Strong performance that yielded a Herculean score of 261 reps and netted her the TRX Mission Readiness Challenge grand-prize: tickets for two to see Stann’s next state-side UFC fight. During her moving victory speech, Lavalle gave a special shout-out to her unit, Delta Company 701st, in the 341st Military Working Dog training school.

Earlier that day, Stann addressed more than 200 Marines at the School of Infantry-West, Infantry Training Battalion. Stann spoke with the troops about his experiences in the Corps and how he trained with the TRX Suspension Trainer both while in the service, and as a UFC fighter. Stann then went on to lead PT sessions based on workouts from the TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical’s 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program at the Semper Fit Gym at Camp Horno and the 21 Area Fitness Center.

TRX was honored to be allowed to sponsor the Armed Forces Boxing Championship and to get to spend the day watching Stann inspire service members and civilians alike, and to sweat through the Mission Readiness Challenge under his watchful eye. We send a special thanks to all the Marines onboard Camp Pendleton and our good friends in the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) organization. Thank you to all the participants and competitors in the Mission Readiness Challenge, and stay tuned to find out what’s coming next from TRX FORCE.

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