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Posted on Mon, 26 Aug 2013 04:28:00 -07:00


Bleeding-edge technology defines the race for the America’s Cup, from the boats to the training methods sailors use to prepare their bodies for the trial of controlling sailboats that can hydrofoil above the water at 50+ miles per hour. To get the edge that carried them into the America’s Cup finals, Emirates Team New Zealand turned to TRX.

Since their arrival in San Francisco for the Cup competition, the New Zealand team has regularly made the trip to TRX headquarters just down the street from the America’s Cup docks. TRX Senior Manager of Group Training and Development and TRX CORE member Dan McDonogh has designed a Suspension Training and Rip Training program to ensure the Kiwis have wind in their sails to keep going no matter how hard the wind blows.

Twice a week, McDonogh puts the crew through the paces at the TRX Training Center to develop their durability, mobility and core stability. “We want to make sure these guys avoid the injuries to the lower back and shoulders because they’re always twisting and turning and jumping and rotating. That is the key,” said McDonogh.

Watch this video for an exclusive look into the team’s training sessions with McDonogh and be sure to catch the best-of-17 series starting on September 7. 

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