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Ask the Trainer: A Workout On-the-Go

Posted on Tue, 01 Dec 2009 10:14:00 -08:00

Ask the Trainer: A Workout On-the-Go


We get it... December is a busy month. There’s holiday parties, holiday shopping and of course… holiday travel. How are you supposed to get a workout in if you can’t make it to the gym? In this month’s Ask the Trainer, Chris Frankel shows you how to use the FitDeck, the perfect companion to the TRX when it comes to a workout on-the-go.

As the resident TRX Professor, Chris Frankel draws from over 25 years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach. He earned an MS in Exercise Physiology from the University of New Mexico, where he is currently completing his doctorate in Exercise Science. Before taking the position of Director of Programming at Fitness Anywhere, Chris was an instructor in the Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of New Mexico.

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