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Ask the Trainer: Partner Drill #4

Posted on Mon, 25 Oct 2010 01:00:00 -07:00

Ask the Trainer: Partner Drill #4

Ask the Trainer: Partner Drill #4

So far in this series on partner drills, we've learned the Tag In 1-on-1Plus 1 and the Ladder, three drills designed to emphasize specific movements, build team work, manage work to rest ratios and build exercise volume/intensity... not to mention they're a great way to mix up your current staid routine and work up a sweat with a friend.

In this video, TRX Professor Chris Frankel takes three exercises that focus on a specific body part (in this case, the back) and puts them together in a way that helps to build exercise volume and intensity; we call this a "Stack Set." The three exercises are 1) TRX Low Row, 2) TRX Biceps Curl and 3) TRX I Deltoid Fly.

Carlos begins by performing five reps of the TRX Low Row, and when he stops, Steve performs five reps of the TRX Low Row, calling out his rep count as he goes. When he finishes, Carlos again performs five reps of exercise one, TRX Low Row, and then performs five reps of exercise two, the TRX Biceps Curl. When he's done, Steve does the exact same thing, and they continue in this manner until they've each performed five reps of all three exercises.

At the end of one round, both partners will have completed 15 reps of the TRX Low Row, 10 of the TRX Biceps Curl and five of the TRX I Deltoid Fly. If you perform two rounds, you'll obviously double these numbers and double the intensity of your workout.

The Stack Set is another great strength and conditioning drill to do with a partner or team when you want to emphasize specific movements and build teamwork.

For more great ideas for team training, check out our TRX Performance: Team Sports DVD.

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