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Be the Next Featured Trainer

Posted on Thu, 12 Sep 2013 02:30:00 -07:00

Be the Next Featured Trainer

Be the Next Featured Trainer

Training is more than a job for TRX CORE Members: It’s a career, a lifestyle and a passion. TRX CORE is made up of real professionals who inspire their clients every day with training that is functional, applicable and brings big results.

That’s why we want YOU to be the face of a nationwide TRX CORE ad campaign, on our TRX Directory homepage and more.

TRX CORE Featured Trainers will be chosen monthly and displayed on the TRX Directory homepage for easy discovery by peers, and more importantly, potential clients. They will also have the chance to be the face of a National print ad campaign. Their video and training content could be shared across TRX Training’s robust social media platforms and live in My Locker as new, useful content for fellow TRX CORE members.

If you live and breath TRX and want to be a TRX CORE Featured Trainer, you must be a TRX CORE member and follow these three, easy steps:

1. Record an exercise or combo video with your Suspension or Rip Trainer.

  • The video should be 1-3 minutes long
  • Include a short introduction with your name, location and profession
  • Demonstrate your TRX moves on your own or with a client.
    • What is your go-to TRX Suspension or Rip Training move?
    • What are some tips or tricks you have used?
    • How do you coach or cue it successfully?
    • What is a great regression or progression and why?
    • How is this exercise or combo best used or incorporated with clients? What kind of clients would benefit from this exercise or combo?

2. Fill out and submit the application form.

3. Choose two large horizontal images of yourself to be featured on the TRX Directory homepage.

Send video, application and images to to put yourself in the running to be the next TRX CORE Featured Trainer.

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