Benefits of the TRX Education Journey

Posted on Mon, 04 Apr 2016 05:55:00 -07:00
Benefits of the TRX Education Journey
The current TRX Education Journey has been nearly a decade in the making. Although TRX is known for its flagship Suspension Trainer™ product, it is really our Education - ie. our  Trainers/Instructors - that have been the life-blood of the company’s philosophy and mission over all these years. Similarly, it’s the people and the message that are ultimately driving this functional training movement that’s rapidly changing the industry and lives of so many people. 
To demonstrate the power of the TRX Education Journey, we thought we would share an excerpt from an article recently published in Club Solutions magazine, highlighting one of our TRX Core Members, Tara J Bedard, Group Fitness Manager at Pure Body Fitness. 
After having a stellar personal experience with TRX Education, Tara J Bedard shared how TRX positively impacts her clients and continues to impact her personal journey. 
CS: What else can you tell other club owners about the benefits of working with TRX?
TB: TRX training is huge in some cities, not so huge in others. Coming from New York City where TRX is established, to moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I have resided now for one and a half years, has been an eye opener. I moved to a city where no one really used the TRX in a class setting or knew how to properly explain movements utilizing the TRX. The knowledge I had gained by signing up for the TRX education courses was instrumental to my continued success and growth personally and professionally here in Charlotte. I highly recommend up-keeping your knowledge base, getting qualified and becoming a TRX Core member.
Join a TRX social media group so you can see what others in your area are doing, possibly to add to your toolbox. Keep educating yourself, your team, your members/clients. The best advice I have ever received was to “never stay stagnant or content, because someone else will be on your tail trying to outshine you.” I hold that dear to me and I am always looking to improve. No one is ever finished learning. Stay involved with the site and partner with a rep in your area. This has been key to my continued success in Charlotte at Pure Body Fitness.
Experience for yourself how the TRX Training philosophy and Movement Based Training can help you and all your clients move better, train better, feel better and reach your goals faster.

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