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Brandon Vera Goes for UFC Heavyweight Glory with TRX

Posted on Thu, 29 Aug 2013 03:53:00 -07:00

Brandon Vera Goes for UFC Heavyweight Glory with TRX


UFC fighter, US Air Force veteran, die-hard Sade fan and long-time TRX athlete, Brandon “The Truth” Vera promises to deliver when he returns to the Octagon for battle at UFC 164 Henderson v. Pettis. “You’re going to see a new and improved, bigger and better Brandon Vera,” said Vera, who has moved back up to the heavyweight division from light-heavyweight for his upcoming bout against the 265-pound Ben Rothwell. 

One of the first MMA fighters to take advantage of the TRX Suspension Trainer's unique training benefits, Vera has made it a critical component of every one of his fight camps, and this one has been no different. After his usual breakfast of four-to-five eggs, cheese and a pint of acai, Vera performs a pre-training mobility sequence on the Suspension Trainer to prepare him for his morning session. After each of his two-to-three daily workouts, he uses it again for a series of strength exercises composed primarily of static holds and planks. 

Decompressing after an intense day of training provides yet another challenge for Vera, stating that he doesn’t have a go-to relaxation technique, but that listening to some Sade usually helps.  

Even before this camp, Vera spent some time globetrotting around Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK, but said that his training on the other hand, didn’t exactly take a vacation. “I take my TRX with me all over the world. Fighters like it because it’s easy to throw in your luggage and you can easily use it anywhere.”

Now that Vera’s made the shift back to heavyweight, this camp has been a unique one. “It’s exciting. Cutting weight is always stressful,” he said. “If you can have just one less thing to worry about leading up to a fight, it can make your whole life easier.” Moving up in weight has its own challenges however, as Vera admitted that initially, the extra pounds were tough to get used to and he had to “find himself” again at this new size. Now that he has, he says, “Everything is more powerful, everything is faster, and I can’t wait to show you guys on September 7th.”

Get pumped for Vera's fight against Rothwell with this throwback video from four years ago, which covers everything from Vera’s family and daily routine, to training and his goals in fighting and life. 

Want to train like Brandon Vera? Download the TRX Performance MMA Workout here, featuring Vera and TRX inventor and former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick.

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