Breakfast – Power up your day

Posted on Mon, 21 Mar 2016 11:13:00 -07:00
Breakfast – Power up your day
Looks like mom was right.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a great way to start your day off on a strong nutritional note. Based on the considerable health benefits of eating breakfast on a regular basis; it is a meal that shouldn’t be skipped. Unfortunately, statistics are showing that fewer Americans eat the morning meal every day compared to years past; consequently, fewer people are reaping the considerable health benefits of breakfast consumption.
Why eat breakfast? Eating a healthy breakfast can help increase energy, mental focus, maintain a healthy body weight, protect the heart and maintain good health. Regular breakfast consumption is associated with higher intake of various vitamins and minerals, which boost the likelihood of meeting your daily recommended intake for these nutrients.  In fact, breakfast eaters usually get more fiber, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, zinc, and iron than breakfast skippers. In addition, breakfast gives you a chance to pre‐fuel for a workout or refuel from an earlier one, so don't shortchange your body.
Way too often do I hear the reason that people avoid a morning meal in attempt to lose weight, but research shows that eating a healthy breakfast can actually help people lose weight. Running late or not enough time in the morning is another common excuse I get from breakfast skippers. But there are numerous healthy, portable breakfast choices that people can grab on the way out the door. Yogurt, fruit, and nuts are easy on‐the‐go options. Preparing these items the night before can also help save time in the morning when you’re fighting the clock.
Although I recommend eating breakfast, this doesn’t mean grabbing a donut and coffee.  In fact, research shows eating a high sugar/high carbohydrate breakfast can be detrimental in terms of appetite control and snacking later on in the day.  Don’t be fooled . Some cereals, breads, and muffins may look healthier than they really are. Pay attention to the ingredients and select ones made of whole grains that contain minimal added sugar.  As with all meals, portion control is important. A bowl of whole‐grain granola can be a nutritious choice, but large amounts can quickly pack on the calories.
Breakfast should be a nutritional powerhouse.  Smoothies can be a great way to boost your fruit and veggie intake that can be enjoyed during the morning commute. Oatmeal, Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts, and eggs with veggies are delicious ways to add protein and fiber to your morning and keep you full until lunch.  No more Excuses start your day off right and make a healthy breakfast part of your daily routine.
6 Recipes for Healthy Breakfasts to Make in 15 Minutes or Less 
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Kaley Todd, MS, RDN
Kaley ToddKaley Todd is Sun Basket’s registered dietitian and the culinary nutritionist.  Her goal is to inspire consumers to adopt healthy eating patterns that are easy, attainable, fun and enjoyable. She provides the tools and guidance to make healthy eating convenient, affordable and delicious. 

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