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How to Spend Mother’s Day Together When You’re Apart

Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day Together, Even From a Distance

Whether you are able to see your mother every day or will have to find ways to be together while apart, Mother’s Day is your chance to shower mom with the attention she deserves. Children typically turn to handmade gifts or drawings for the big day, but as adults, the greatest gift is quality time together. If you're looking for ways to make that happen from afar, we’ve got a few ideas.

couple laughing while looking at video on their phonesPhoto by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

Family Zoom Call or Hangout

Gather everyone for a family call to toast mom. Even if you regularly plan one-on-one phone time with your family, mothers treasure the moments when they can gather all their kids in one place. Start coordinating with your siblings and others you would like to include to find a time that works for everyone. If you’re spread out across the world, don’t forget to factor in time zone differences.

Mother’s Day Workout

For families like to break a sweat together: TRX is offering live and on-demand workouts for FREE with some of the best trainers in the industry. (Visit for a schedule.) For most TRX LIVE workouts, all you need is a TRX Suspension Trainer. If you or your mom don’t have a set of straps, that could be a great gift, too!

Game Night (or Day)

You don’t have to be in the same room to enjoy a family game night. Lots of classic games now offer multi-player app versions, which makes it easy to host a game night across households. Battleship (iOS/Android), Monopoly (iOS/Android), Clue (iOS/Android), and Ticket to Ride (iOS/Android) are just a few of the games you can fire up with mom. 

woman in art studio working on a scrapbook

Make Something Together

Whether you prefer crafting or cooking, the Internet is full of classes and projects that you and your mom can complete together. For the crafty folks, consider a service like Creativebug. (Think of it as Masterclass for crafting.) Subscriptions start at $8 per month and include classes in art, sewing, painting, home projects, and more. (There’s a free trial if you and mom want to try it out before handing over a monthly fee.) 

On the cooking side, the Cooking School at America’s Test Kitchen can help you hone your culinary skills with more than 300 classes at a variety of skill levels. Monthly memberships are $20. For those who prefer to replicate the real-life cooking class with real-time feedback, the Chef and the Dish offers interactive online cooking classes for $299 for two people. If you’re planning a Mother’s Day activity for you and your siblings, classes can accommodate up to four participants for $399. Classes must be scheduled in advance.


Watch a Movie

Thanks to Netflix Party, a Google Chrome browser extension, scheduling a movie night in multiple locations is no problem. After you install the extension, just open a video on Netflix, create a party link by clicking the “NP” icon located next to the browser bar, and share the link with your family. 

Want to watch a movie on a different platform? There are a few extra steps, but it’s still easy. Open the movie in your browser, select a timestamp to sync at, (like 0:10), and fire up your favorite video conferencing platform: Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, etc. Once everyone’s online with the video paused at the synced time, have a family countdown to hit “play” and stream together. It’s not a seamless process, but it will get the job done!


Whether you’re breaking a sweat together with your TRX Suspension Trainer or learning a new skill, there are so many creative ways to spend time with your mom on Mother’s Day—even if you can’t physically be together. And you don’t have to restrict the family bonding to one day a year! If you find a class or idea you love on this list, make a habit of scheduling it more often. Your mom will thank you.

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