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Celtics Coach Offers Five TRX Basketball Exercises

Posted on Fri, 06 May 2011 03:00:00 -07:00

Celtics Coach Offers Five TRX Basketball Exercises


For Bryan Doo, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Boston Celtics, this is not new territory; he and the Celtics have made it to at least the second round of the playoffs each of the past four seasons. This run has included two trips to the Finals and one Championship.

But as the Celtics stare at a 0-2 hole in their Eastern Conference Semifinals series against the Miami Heat, they’re experiencing a test only the toughest teams can handle. In order to advance to the Conference Finals, they will need to win four out of the final five games against the second-seeded Heat, including the terrible twosome of Lebron James and Dwayne Wade.

In order to withstand the grueling test of these playoffs, a team must be in peak physical condition. They must train to build strength, mobility and durability, and Doo believes the TRX Suspension Trainer is the ideal training tool for his team.

“The TRX is the perfect piece of equipment to keep that balance of training during the season and not over train,” says Doo. “It really gives me the flexibility to decide what part of the season we are in and how intense we are going to go with our training.”

Bryan was able to come by TRX HQ during the season and take TRX Training Center Manager Miguel Vargas through some of the TRX movements he uses with the Celtics. Be sure to watch the video so you can see how the Boston Celtics train with the TRX. Then tune in tomorrow at 5pm (PST) to watch as the Celtics face the Heat in Game 3!

The Celtics aren’t the only team in the NBA using the TRX to stay in peak physical condition. Last count, there were 15 teams utilizing TRX Training to stay on top, including other playoff teams such as the OKC Thunder and the LA Lakers.

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