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Coach Spotlight: Chris Nentarz

A Coach Committed to Helping people move better

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Coach Spotlight: Chris Nentarz

Physical therapist and TRX Master Instructor, Chris Nentarz, recognized as a teenager that movement is therapeutic. “As an athlete growing up, I was always curious about exercise and using exercise as a way to really enhance health and performance,” he said.

Chris NentarzNentarz has been a self-described “gym rat” since he was 16. He grew up in Rochester, New York, went to physical therapy school at the University at Buffalo, and calls Buffalo home today. “My first job was in a gym and I was fortunate to be in a gym that included physical therapy and chiropractic care. I was introduced to that model very young and it really made an impression on me when I went to UB.” 

Nentarz began incorporating the TRX Suspension Trainer into physical therapy sessions with his clients more than ten years ago, but he didn’t understand the tool’s potential until he met Chris Frankel, (who’s now TRX’s Chief Science Officer).  

“Chris Frankel (Head of Human Performance at TRX) came in and showed us what TRX is really all about,” Nentarz recalled.  “At that point, I had only picked it up online and had seen some videos that Fraser Quelch (TRX Head of Training) produced. Once Chris really introduced me to that concept behind foundational movements, the language behind movement, and what the TRX method stood for, I fell in love with it. That was it.”

Between his physical therapy practice, (Move Well Physical Therapy), his Crossfit Box (Crossfit Nickel City), and teaching TRX courses, you might think Nentarz would run out of energy. Yet he still makes time to squeeze in his own workouts.

“I'm an equal opportunity sweater, whether it's running, Crossfit, TRX Training, or various styles of yoga. I do it all. You know, I have a couple of non-negotiables. I do a daily meditation and mobility routine. I try to weight train two or three times a week. And I try to do some type of metabolic conditioning, whether it's running or Crossfit two or three times a week,” he said.

And when it’s time to teach? Nentarz loves nothing more than breaking down the basics so anyone can learn how to move better. “ I think a lot of people’s relationships with their bodies are broken. I love to help people reintroduce that relationship. To me, it doesn't get any better than that.”

Want to train with Chris Nentarz? Search for his Total Body Recovery sessions on TRX Live.

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