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Cosgrove TRX Body Transformation Plan

Posted on Tue, 31 May 2011 11:00:00 -07:00

Cosgrove TRX Body Transformation Plan

Cosgrove TRX Body Transformation Plan

No more excuses. If you or your clients have been talking about taking it up a notch with your workout routine, we've got just the thing for you: a results-oriented fitness program created just for us by fitness experts and owners of Results Fitness—Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove. It's guaranteed to transform your body in three short weeks, just in time for summer!

The goal of this plan is to lose body fat, not weight. To start, take three "before" pictures (front, back and side) of each client. Men should wear shorts without a shirt, and women should wear shorts and a sports bra. Also, take a baseline body fat measurement for all participants, and ask them each to find a pair of jeans they can almost button. These measurements should be used as indicators of progress INSTEAD of a scale.

The two gender-specific workouts Alwyn and Rachel have created below are designed to take clients out of their comfort zones. The only way to change the body is to challenge it in new ways.

In addition to these workouts, all participants should clean up their diet for the next three weeks, eating lean protein and veggies every three to four hours and drinking half your bodyweight in water. Make a commitment not to splurge for the three week period. Checkout our blogs on nutrition for more information on healthy eating.

All of the following exercises should be performed at a moderate tempo. The exercises with the same number should be performed as a circuit (performing 1A, then 1B, etc.) until you finish all of the exercises with a 1, then repeat that circuit again before moving onto the next circuit.


The focus of this plan is high reps for more metabolic work, because most men never go above eight to 10 reps when it comes to their usual workouts. Performing 16 reps will be very challenging for most of your male clients. This plan finishes with an upper body circuit performed for eight reps to provide some extra hypertrophy for the arms and core.

1ATRX Lunge (w/ Touch and Hop)1630 secs3
1BTRX Inverted Row1630 secs3
2ATRX Balance Lunge to TRX Single Leg Squat1630 secs3
2BTRX Atomic Push-up1630 secs3
3ATRX Y Deltoid Fly830 secs2
3BTRX Biceps Curl830 secs2
3CTRX Triceps Extension830 secs2
3DTRX Body Saw830 secs2


The focus of this plan is building strength, because most women usually do more aerobic type workouts and higher reps. NOTE: Each exercise should be performed at a level that is challenging for the eight reps. The last rep should feel like the individual has to "dig deep" to perform it. If any of the exercises seem too easy, help clients increase the intensity using the Principles of Progression. This plan will finish with a circuit of two exercises performed for as many reps as possible in 30 seconds to boost metabolism and burn fat.

1ATRX Hip Extension830 secs3
1BTRX Single Arm Row830 secs3
2ATRX Single Leg Squat830 secs3
2BTRX Push-up830 secs3
3ATRX Lunge830 secs2
3BTRX Roll Out830 secs2
4ATRX Jump Squat30 secs30 secs2
4BTRX Mountain Climber30 secs30 secs2

At the end of the three weeks, take "after" photos from the same angles as before. Better yet, grab those too-tight jeans and try 'em on. Chances are, they'll now fit like a glove. Good luck to everyone who participates in this Body Transformation Plan, and be sure to encourage your clients to share their results below!

A sought after expert for several of the country’s leading publications including a regular contributor to Men’s Health magazine, Alwyn Cosgrove has co-authored three books and currently spends his time consulting on fitness training, training clients, speaking on the fitness lecture circuit and coaching fitness trainers worldwide. Rachel Cosgrove is an author and a fitness professional who specializes in getting women of all ages into the best shape of their lives. She has her own column in Women’s Health Magazine and has also been featured in numerous health and fitness publications and also had TV appearances on Fox, ABC and WGN. For the past decade, Alwyn and Rachel have run Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, California, ranked one of the top 10 best gyms in America by Men's Health.

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