Times are tough and TRX Pro4 Suspension Trainers aren't exactly cheap. (What can we say, high quality comes at a premium). Nonetheless, it's our goal to stop the spread of germs and promote the spread of movement by way of Suspension Training. So, whether you're borrowing a set of straps from a friend to use in the TRX Suspension Training Course: Virtual Edition, needing to sanitize between sessions/classes, or just a clean freak, we want you and your clients to enjoy your training sessions worry free. With that, check out our DIY washer/dryer strap sanitization scoop from TRX Master Instructor, Ami McMullen. Couple call-outs before you watch, Ami suggests a washing in a machine that doesn't have an agitator, while that's an ideal set-up, it's not completely necessary. Additionally, we recommend hanging your straps to dry as opposed to putting them in the dryer — but if you're under a time crunch, it's up to you. Finally, to avoid accelerated wear n tear, we recommend a mild soap that doesn't have bleach in it. Stay safe and happy training!


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