Egg Nog Workout

Posted on Thu, 10 Dec 2015 12:16:00 -08:00
Egg Nog Workout
Complete each exercise for one minute with a 30 second rest in between.  Repeat the circuit three times.
TRX Crossing Balance Lunge
Adjust the straps to mid-length, and stand facing the anchor.  Stack elbows under shoulders, center one leg to anchor point, lift opposite leg to 90 degrees at the knee and hip.  Open hips slightly, lower knee behind working heel.  Drive through heels of grounded leg, squeeze glutes, extend hips.  Repeat on other side.
Floor Jax [Off TRX]
Start with your body in a plank position.  Hands directly beneath your shoulders and feet together.  Engaging your core, jump your feet outwards while keeping your legs straight.  Jump back to your plank.  Continue moving between the two positions at your own pace.
TRX High Row / Low Row Combo
Adjust the straps to mid-length and stand facing the anchor point.  Lean back while holding yourself up with the Suspension Trainer. Brace your core and focus on establishing a strong plank with your shoulders pulled down and back.  Maintain your plank, use your back muscles to pull your chest up to your hands. Lower yourself down in one slow, controlled movement.  Pull body toward anchor point by driving elbows back and level with shoulders.  Lower yourself down in one slow, controlled movement.  Alternate between high and low rows.
TRX Squat Jumps
Adjust the straps to mid length and stand facing the anchor point.  Stack elbows under shoulders, feet hip width apart. Lower hips down and back, put your weight in your heels and prepare to explode up.  Drive through heels, exploding up with the intension to jump as high as possible.
TRX Atomic Push-Ups
Adjust the straps to mid-calf, place your feet in the foot cradles and face away from the anchor on the ground.  On your hands and knees, engage the core, lift your body into a hand plank position.  Lower your body down, bend your elbows 90 degrees.  Drive through the palms, lift hips slightly, and bring your knees towards your chest.

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