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Endurance Athletes' TRX Training Plans from Matt Dixon

Posted on Wed, 15 Sep 2010 01:00:00 -07:00

Endurance Athletes' TRX Training Plans from Matt Dixon

Endurance Athletes' TRX Training Plans from Matt Dixon

What do Ironman Champs Chris Lieto, Linsey Corbin and Tyler Stewart all have in common? Elite endurance coach Matt Dixon. A much sought-after triathlon and running coach with a stable of pro clients, Dixon (with Stewart above) has forged a new methodology that emphasizes focused intensity, recovery and functional training on the TRX versus heavy mileage.

“My big message is whether you’re training for cycling, running or triathlon, people tend to dramatically over train. We put the TRX up there as equal in importance to swimming, biking and running [for triathlete clients],” says Dixon. “That’s one of the secrets of our success. We have far fewer injuries and much greater strength and stability as a result of integrating the TRX into training programs.” To learn more about Dixon's philosophy on training, click here to listen to our recent podcast interview.*

Now anyone (not just top triathletes) can reap the benefits of Dixon's expertise without investing travel time or money: TRX has partnered with Dixon to offer you a variety of interactive training plans available on, the leading online provider of training and nutrition programs. The plans are the first of their kind to offer a holistic approach to your run training, an approach that looks at not just mileage but training intensity and recovery as well as strength and stability work on the TRX. With 10K, half marathon and full marathon options available, all plans are:

  • Scalable, with options for beginner to advanced runners
  • Progressive, ranging from 12 to 15 weeks
  • Comprehensive, with videos of TRX exercises. (Check out the video below for a sample.)
  • Proven! Just ask Tyler Stewart.

All TrainingPeaks programs offer ongoing support in the form of daily emails, training tips, progress reports, alerts on health trends and more. With these new TRX training plans, there's nothing standing between you and your goal of running your first marathon or bagging a PR at your next event. Sign up now!

Not ready to commit to a full program? Start with our FREE DEMO of the first two weeks of Dixon's 10k training plans to experience firsthand how the TrainingPeaks software works.

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