Establishing Movement Standards and Changing Conditions

Posted on Fri, 22 Jul 2016 04:06:00 -07:00
Establishing Movement Standards and Changing Conditions
By: Chris Frankel 
TRX Head of Human Performance
The TRX education and training team is constantly getting the opportunity to work with various  trainers, coaches, clients and athletes around the world. We have the unique opportunity to connect the dots between varied approaches and philosophies of training. As a professional trainer/coach in the fitness and human performance industries, there is a tendency to be identified as modality or methodologically specific — bringing us to the goal behind the TRX Education Journey. Our goal is to ultimately provide you with a set of working principles that will serve you across any modality or  methodology. 
The TRX Education Journey is an organized system of exercises and teaching skills that are accessible and relevant to a variety of fitness professionals. We leverage our knowledge and expertise on the Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer to create concepts, applications, and terminologies that are effective and applicable across all modalities and training philosophies. 
As fitness professionals there’s an expected level of proficiency in coaching movement as a critical component of fitness. Movement has always been, and will continue to be, the foundation of fitness, performance and durability — it plays the lead role in each and every one of our courses in the Journey. 
TRX Foundational Movements, of which each of our courses are based on, are an effective lynch pin connecting measurement and evaluation of movement to successful programming for all clients. TRX gear provides a uniquely effective environment to establish movement standards — what should be mobile and what should be stable. As long as you, your athletes and your clients can meet checkpoints/standards in position and transition, modifying components of movement is up to you. Effective and efficient workout and programs can be designed using the Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer alone but integrating other modalities is how the majority of coaches, trainers, therapists and individuals train. This was one reason we incorporated the Functional Training Course (FTC) , which was kicked off in September of 2015, into the Education Journey.
The FTC expands your TRX Foundational Movement Coaching and helps you understand how to progress from suspension training to other modalities. This is achieved by “changing condition” (ie. the piece of gear) and coaching the “standards of movement” (ie. what is stable/mobile). To further expand coaching the movement standards of rotation, the TRX Rip Training Course is that next level up. We designed education for Suspension Training to develop foundational strength and Rip Training for rotational power. Whether you use the Rip Trainer as part of a circuit, or as a stand-alone tool, you need to know the movement coaching basics. 
All in all, we believe TRX gear is the perfect learning and coaching tool, especially when paired with the cueing and programming principles acquired through TRX education. So next time you hear us say, “standards remain the same, conditions change,” know that it is not just a catchy tag line but the tip of the iceberg to a powerful teaching method and an avenue to a rejuvenation of physical culture.

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