Exercises for Football: The TRX Sprinter Start

Posted on Mon, 29 Dec 2009 01:00:00 -08:00
Exercises for Football: The TRX Sprinter Start

Exploding off the line of scrimmage or “getting off the ball” is one of the key determinants of the outcome of each play. A faster or more powerful reaction to the snap can create a split second advantage that is often the difference between a play succeeding or failing.

The TRX Sprinter Start is an excellent movement to help effectively transfer the explosive power developed in the bilateral olympic lifts to a single-leg, body weight environment that more closely resembles the actual movement and speed in which it occurs on the field. Another advantage it offers is the ability to train the movement in quick succession, either in sets or as a reaction drill to help develop the endurance players must possess to maintain this explosiveness during long drives.

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