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Exercises for Football: TRX Lunge With Med Ball

Posted on Mon, 15 Dec 2008 04:26:00 -08:00

Exercises for Football: TRX Lunge With Med Ball


Often, a play must be made from a less than optimal body position. Typically, an opponent has knocked a player out of ideal body position or the player must instantaneously respond to a poor pass or change in direction. A player’s ability to decelerate unusual forces from a poor body position can make the difference between a game-making catch and a failed pass. All too often, failure results in season-ending injury.

In many game photos, we see a catch where the body is airborne and the hips are rotating to the right. As this player lands on one leg, he must decelerate all of these rotational forces or suffer the imminent knee injury, all while his opponent bears down on him. In short, if he does not possess a high level of single leg reactivity, he is likely to drop the pass and runs the risk of a major injury. TRX Suspension Training techniques provide a unique means to train this single leg neuromuscular ability coupled with strength and power. The video above, featuring a TRX Lunge/Med Ball matrix, is the perfect example.

The player who utilizes functionally-tasked suspension training will be much better prepared to manage the forces necessary to perform at the elite levels, avoid injury and complete these game-making plays.

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