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Fascial Fitness - Get fit from the INSIDE OUT

Posted on Wed, 07 Oct 2015 06:56:00 -07:00

Fascial Fitness - Get fit from the INSIDE OUT

Get Your Super Suit Fit
As one of the largest organs in the body, your fascia is your super suit.
Fascia is a hot topic right now.  For anyone that works out - and that should be everyone - fascia is something we want to take seriously!  
TRX Master Trainer, PJ O'Clair has identified three simple, easy and fast exercises to incorporate into our daily routines to get and keep our bodies fascially fit.
Like one seamless interwoven stocking, fascia is our body's internal suit of connective tissue that holds all of our muscles together.
Fun facts: fascia is one of the largest organs in the body.  Much to our surprise, research states that fascia houses six times more sensory receptors than muscle.  When you're sore, when you're tight - that's your fascia talking back to you.
Our fascia is a huge contributor to our movements. The more we take care of the fascia, the more effortless and fluid our movements.
We can also thank fascia for the spring in our step or the height of our jumps - without fascia we would land hard on our feet, not soft like a ninja.  
When our fascia is healthy, it helps reduce the risk of injury. Sadly, most of us only learn about fascia from our doctors when we get hurt.
So get on your way to a “Fascially Fit” body - watch this video.  You will absolutely feel better and ultimately move better!
Checkout and enjoy these three exercises:
TRX Plyo Front Squat: 
- Fully lengthen the straps
- Stand facing away from the anchor point
- Hold the handles with your hands next to your chest and the straps under your arms 
- Shoulder distance apart, walk your feet back until you body is at a 45-degree angle
- Bend your knees and move down into a squat
- Driving from the balls of your feet, spring out of the squat, hoping forward on to two feet
TRX Spiral Rotation (cueing adapted from TRX Golf Swing)
- Fully lengthen the straps
- Stand sideways to the anchor point, outside foot slightly forward of inside foot
- Hands on handles at about hip height, with arms fully extended
- Rotate torso away from anchor point 
- As you reach full range of motion, lightly pulse into straps and reach up and away with arms
- Slowly rotate back to starting position
TRX Hinge:
- Fully lengthen the straps
- Stand facing anchor point
- Extend both arms straight and directly below shoulders until main strap lightly touches arms 
- Press down into handles and pre-activate core
- Slowly roll out to a strong plank, keeping wrists directly under shoulders throughout the entire movement 
- Hinge at the hips and drive backwards using core to control movement

Take in this brief video to learn how TRX Master Trainer PJ O'Clair can help you make your fascia suit, super.

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